“Time to move on, can’t fault his attitude though. No puns please, I won’t take the bait.”

“He really needs to find a club that will play him and he can settle at. Good luck Conor.”

“I love the effort, the physicality, the fitness, the determination…but how he ever got a contract as a professional footballer is beyond me. Could he make centre half? Good bye and good luck. “

“Not really a surprise, amazed that the blades have taken him given he flopped at Ipswich and Rotherham but maybe a drop down a league will help. “

“Sammon is an athlete who can play a bit, and has made a career through having a fantastic attitude.
I wish him all the best – he’d be suited at a club who play percentage balls for him to chase down.”

“Such a team player…best of luck to him. “

“About time!!
This move is make or break for him really needs to make an impression an do well. To save his career I’d say league one is his level should be looking to get double figures, will be interesting to see if him and sharp r first choice could work well. “

“Good news for all involved. We get him out of our hair, he gets game time and a chance to resurrect his career while Sheffield United get an internationally capped striker with Premier League experience.
He might be absolutely dire but I hope he does well and earns himself a deal at the end of the season. Would never begrudge the guy a career just as long as he’s not on our books”

“he may not have the best end product but his work ethic would surely create something for our midfielders to score some! “

“He’s a top fella, down to earth and when I spoke to him he really liked derby and even though the stick he gets he still tries his hardest, he isn’t the greatest but no need for any stick, good luck to him! “

“Some fans are too hard on him. Yes he isn’t great but he’s a professional. He still puts in a shift whenever asked upon him and I expect he’s fully aware that he’s become more of a ‘laughing stock’ at the club yet still gives his all.I think he’d score a few at a lower level, maybe League One. He was doing alright in Scotland before he came here, so perhaps he could return there. Rangers maybe? Anyway good luck to him.”

“He’s just need games time and don’t think he’d get that much here this season coming up anyway, he’s a honest pro who try his best for the team so good luck Sammo “

“I personally think he’s just not at this standard ! Lower league 1 maybe even league 2 he might do well , his determination and desire might see him through”

  “Just a loan? Damn.”
“With the right type of players up front with him, he could be an asset. Does a lot of unselfish work, and I would have thought he could do a job for a newly promoted team to the Championship, or any team that struggled last year and has mid-table as a target for the coming season.  Will not score many goals, we all know that, but by creating space and tying up one central defender he does give nippy players opportunities to exploit.  I hope he settles and does well.”

“ Even without Clough they are taking our rejects”

“Good move for him, though I’m not sure their fans are likely to cut him much slack if he doesn’t suddenly start banging them in. “

“Good luck Sammo, just not good enough. Not his fault though. “

“Sammo and Sharp to tear League One. SCENES. “

“Decent move for him to be fair. I was thinking League One but not as high as Sheffield United.”

“good luck to him, at best it’s about 2 divisions higher than he should be, at worst, it’s still the wrong sport. “

“Sammon can well work in a team that uses him correctly, he gets into promising positions and is an exemplary hard worker.  Hope he does well at his new club and that the coaching staff there have him practicing finishing.  We Derby fans won’t forget him anytime soon, he certainly is a special one.  i have been too hard on him in the past, i would much rather have the likes of him a player that tries his best always than some lazy arsed star in his own mind type.  Good luck to him.”

“Good luck to him. Can’t fault his character, just his finishing. “

“best of luck to him, never lacked effort, sadly that’s not enough for where we want to be, can’t say he’ll score a hatful for them but he’ll roll his sleeves up and put a shift in.”

“Good luck to the fella. Got too much stick to be fair. Massively guilty of it myself. Took my Clough anger out on him. Not his fault a poor manager paid crazy money for a poor player.”

  “Holy smoke, SU fans stating there new strike partnership is the new SAS “

“We wish you well Connor. We hope that you do a good job there. We know that you are a hard worker. “

“Connor could be a very good player for Sheffield United.”

“Sammon is a team player always gave 100 per cent for the Rams,i can understand his need for regular game time and wish him well”

By Roy

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