Birmingham Fans

“He’s Championship standard anyway.
Unless he wants to play midfield still”

“ GR does not seem to favour Edgar either as a defender or midfield player. We would seem to be lacking a player ourseleves who GR might want, who can cover both centre back and defensive midfield options, so if it frees up some “wages” and a place in the squad and we can quickly move in for a replacement then why not? “

“unless we sign somebody, makes no sense. In fact I’d still say we need an additional centre-half even with Edgar on board.”

“I am still a fan of Edgar. With Spector slipping up in pre-season, I think that Edgar will play a crucial part this season if he remains fit. Despite not being at the peak of his game for the Blues’, he is certainly a talent. Not as good a signing as I had hoped unfortunately.”

“I would like to see Edgar play more”

“Edgar was solid until the Bournemouth disaster”

“He’s finished at The Blues. Bad egg I think”

“Wouldn’t mind seeing Edgar partnering Morrison”

“I still think Edgar and Morrison would make a great CB partnership”

“Quite surprising he has had to drop down a league.
Wasn’t overly excited when he signed, however was a solid player at the back for us IMO. “

“No surprise, face doesn’t fit. “

“No recall option either so that’s his Blues career over. “

Huddersfield Fans

“In the games he played you he has done what was asked.”

“defending Edgar is just plain blind faith – he is not good enough”

“did we ask him to miss headers, miss place passes every single time, miss tackles, miss open goals and be generally crap. If so , job done.”

“David Edgar did what was asked,battle, “

“Appeared in midfield away from home in 5 games
Won 2 (Millwall and Wigan)
Drawn 2 (Bournemouth and Wed)
Lost 1 at Brentford.
8 points from a possible 15 is an excellent return in his midfield starts given we have 18 from a possible 60 all season.
The team seems to get results with apparently the world’s worst footballer in midfield”

“Edgar is a chuffing centre back not a holding midfielder, as crap as he is in that role it really isnt his fault, Its powell for being so stubborn”

“I dont know what Edgar earns (not a lot I hope) but I suspect there were better loan players available. “

“I think edgar is a very limited midfielder. It doesn’t help that he stands about five yards off the centre backs, which is stupid when the opposition only have 1 striker”
“I dont think he’s even good enough as a midfielder to be described as a limited one. It would suggest he is in some shape, way or form a midfielder. “

“He’s garbage”

“ He’s wasn’t outstanding or noticeably better than what we had (arguably, noticeably much worse)”

“he’s shockingly awful. “

“Hope this guy never puts on a town shirt again! “

“I wouldn’t say he’s a bad option to have in the squad.”

“Hes had one or two decent games I suppose but not sure hes the sort of standard we should be looking for.
Id hope for better, or at least a different player that might be better.
Edgar to me is a bang average League 1 standard player at best who wouldn’t look out of place in L2 . He can do ‘a job’ but at the same time hes one of those players who lacks so much actual skill, touch and ability that you wonder how he ever made the grade as a pro in the first place. ‘kicking the ball properly ‘ is often beyond his capabilities.”

By Roy

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