“As for the young centre forward Calvert-Lewin he did pretty well but is a bit light weight and shudder for him on wet pitch against L2 cloggers. Was not entirely convincing in the air although he did manage a couple of decent headers. Very promising for one so young and for those who doubted CW for signing him – you were proved wrong. Very useful reserve to have and am pretty certain will score goals. One for the future. “

“Calvert-Lewin continues to catch the eye. “

“He looks lively”

“Dominic Calvert-Lewin had me purring, the turn and shot second half was pure class. Whatever we got for Toney, this boy is worth a lot more.”

“He is a barely capable squad player”

“I disagree about Calvert lewin I think the lad is going to be fine for us. He’s got a great leap on him and a good touch, problem we had today is we were just blindly aiming balls over the top. Needed to pass it round them not over them.”
“ Everyone was raving about Calvert – Lewin after the Blackpool game and now he’s not up to the job? Are Barnet that much better than Blackpool?”

“Calven-Lewin was asked to play almost as a target man winning balls in the air, I don’t think thats his game.”

“Calvert-Lewin looked exactly what he is, a young lad playing a men’s game with little support”

“He Runs around like a headless chicken.”

By Roy

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