“Pleased with Brooks contribution of playing simple passes and keeping a cool head. Almost played a great through ball to Tuton. He needs to go on the Mick Kennedy (if anybody remembers him) diet at the Shay cafe! Has a good pedigree with Man City and obviously has talent. “

“Three kids brought on, but somehow they turned the game on its head. How old are Brooks and Hamilton?”

“Brooks although slight in build totally bamboozled the Barrow midfield with his ball skills & left them kicking at fresh air”

“genuinely thought Brooks did really well when he came on and looked solid”

“Talking to a Man City fan at the game who has watched Brooks come through the ages for them. Big things were expected, but he just didnt grow physically, he said he was always an outstanding footballer. Let him go and he ended up at Sheff Utd.”

“The two young lads from Sheff U changed the game”

By Roy

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