“I know plenty of Blades who wanted Clough gone but when will they give a manager the chance to build? More expense incurred now.”

Radio Sheffields Paul Walker

“Sheffield United will need to find someone special to succeed the sacked Nigel Clough, a principled manager in a sport low on principles.”

Daily Telegraph Journalist Henry Winter

“Good luck to @SUFC_tweets in their bid to replace Nigel Clough with Pep Guardiola and sign Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. Jesus wept”

Daily Mirror writer Mike Walters

“Disgraceful treatment of Nigel Clough by Sheff Utd. Avoided relegation,great cup runs,play-off place.Sacked after getting them to 5th place. Clough has left 3 clubs in a better state than when he took over while balancing the books & handling tight budgets. Not a self-promoter.”

BBC reporter Pat Murphy

“Nigel clough sacked ?? what an earth has football come too , saves them from relegation , semi final fa cup, play offs this year !”

BBC Pundit Robbie Savage

“Harshly sacked, but some fans unhappy with style. Take cup runs away and he failed to reach No 1 target of promotion.”

Yorkshire Sports Journalist Richard Hercock

“Put it this way, I don’t think Nigel Clough’s reputation is unduly damaged today. Unlike #sufc’s. Should they consider a 1 year appointment?”

Sports Journalist Alan Biggs

“From bottom to 7th & cup semi in 2013-14. 5th & cup semi this season. Amazing 60+% win rate in 18 months. Thanks Nigel…..& good luck.In Nov 2013 we were in a HUGE dark deep hole, & NC dug us out. Let’s remember & thank him for that & cup runs rather than focus on 1 PO fail”

Former Blades Defender and Radio Sheffield pundit  Kevin Gage

“Always last to find out but just heard Clough has gone from @SUFC_tweets if I’m honest I didn’t think the board would do it”

Former Blades Defender Matt Hill

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Media’s View On The Departure Of Nigel Clough”
  1. How many of these pundits go and watch the matches? If you watched us play and didn’t just base opinions on Clough getting us on cup runs, you shouldn’t be a pundit. Get a fuckin’ clue

  2. Who cares what these people say they didn’t have to pay for the dross we were served up last season. Easy to say he took us from near bottom to play offs but we know what he should have achieved with the squad he had and money he was given. He has principles – well perhaps he does but they became more important than the team and the treatment of Neil Collins serves to demonstrate this. And “Not a self promoter” ha ha Pat Murphy clearly you don’t know him – he knows best and the rest of us know nowt!

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