Fulham Fans

“Good luck to them. They have employed the best manager avaialble with a proven track record.
It was a great pity what happened here, I khonestly thought after getting promoted things would change but instead they became more dysfunctional.
I suspect they will be promoted if not next season then surely the one after. I wish i had the same faith with our team.”

“I’d make them favorites to go up now”

“Red hot favourites”

“Well they’ll walk it so he will look good. Decent premier league side that got bad luck last season so ripe for a bounvback. The sort of job Harry Redknapp would always take.” –

“That’s one of the promotion slots gone already then. The Blades have some sexy football to look forward to next season.”

“So Sheffield United already planning their return to the PL, Slav appointment is amazing for them! Good luck to him!”

“That’s a kick in the nuts. Sheffield United will definitely be challenging for automatic places next season, especially with the backing he’ll receive from those new owners. And I bet they let him get on with it too; no interruption or interference from a chairman’s clueless offspring. Next season just got much harder.”

“Good luck to him, wish he was still our manager. Sheffield will do well this year with his style of football. Better then us with Parker at the helm I reckon.”

” Am I envious? You bet I am! If he brings them to the Cottage he should receive a standing ovation. Well he will from me.”

“Jealous of the Slav appointment, but happy for them – always had a bit of a soft spot for the Blades.”

” Blades fans are in for a treat. As a Fulham fan I really hope they finish second next season! Welcome back, Slav”

“If it transpires he was available and we stuck with Parker over him, that for me would be the biggest f up Tony could make this year. A quality manager that gave us some of the most entertaining football for years at the cottage, proven track record at champ level, with a decent prem defence like we had this last year he might have actually had a chance to still be here! Our loss is Sheffields”

“Sheffield Hiring a top class manager while we still have heard NOTHING from anyone at Fulham about what is going on! Every fan i have seen is Sad about Slav going to Sheffield while we are seemingly stuck with dull boring football next season”

“When they spank us next season both home and away TK will have a whole load of egg on his face for letting him go.
Expect a lot of fan discontent”

“Gonna be INCREDIBLY awkward next season when Sheff Utd turn up to the Cottage and the Fulham fan’s chants are 10000x louder for Slav than the ones for Parker.”

“Not a happy day for me and many others I’m sure! I can see Mitro playing for Slav at Sheffield playing exciting football scoring for fun and get promoted first time of asking. Whereas in true fulhamish fashion see us fail to do so under Parker playing dull, uninspiring dross. All against the backdrop of Brentford in the premier league. Now before anyone calls me a bed wetter I’m sure any Fulham fan with an ounce of pride would find that hard to take so if it doesn’t bother you may I suggest you try choking on your prawn sandwich and try fecking croquet instead!”

“Mitro will probably follow”

“Gutted! Would love to have Slav back and a new DoF! I suppose we will be stuck with TK, SP and the departure of Mitro. Depressing”

“I am absolutely gutted at the news! I’m still upset that we sacked him.”

“The best football I have ever seen us play was under Slav”

“Wow, that hurts more than I thought it would.
I’m never sure going back is a great idea and it often fails, but seeing him in an opponents dugout is going to be a really hard pill to swallow.”

“It’s infuriating that we sacked Slav and yet Parker got the whole season!”

“Slav was getting it right, they sacked him when results and performances were getting better.”

“Dont forget his prem debacle but Scotts prem record was worse wasnt it? And my point mentions that Slav never had the defence we put in place this year. Im confident that if he’d been given Areola, Anderson, Tosin, Tete, Aina and Robinson he’d have done a dam sight better than he did having Ream at the back! I’m not TK hater but our defence left alot to be desired that year!”

“Well he will never come back with the b system that made him leave in the first place. Even though I am not sure ever returning would be a good thing. We remember the Championship season but his Prem debacle we forget and happily put all the blame on TK.
Good luck to him but I am a firm believer in never go back. It only leads to disappointment.”

“Really is time we stopped talking about Jokanovic but don’t forget he had bad periods here as well as good, we had to waite a while after his arrival for good results and then his premiership period was bad. Yes Parker had good defenders this season but then Jocanovic had good attacking players.”

“The bad periods you describe are because he uses the first 10 games or so, to create the ‘identity’. He did the same at the beginning of each season with us. It’s a trait, I expect it to be the same at Sheff Utd.”

“Hope he appreciates all the problems that had concerned Wilder,with the training ground and the like.”

“At both Watford and Fulham there’s seems to have been issues with him and even kmac said he can be “intimidating”.

“Ah yes Joka and his ‘kiss and tell’ relationship with the local rag. At least Parker never stooped so low. Great football when it worked but why did end up coaching in the football backwater that is Quatar. Ah yes the money. just enough to blinker one to the human rights abuses of exploitated labour.”

Watford Fans

“I’d still have him back here”

“Yes I would have be happy if he came back to us earlier.”

“Good appointment. “

“Absolute legend”

“his teams are great to watch. Great track record at this level. They’ll be there or there abouts.”

“Good choice by them going for a hat trick of Championship Promotions.”

“At Watford he came in after we already had three managers by October and won promotion by scoring a lot of goals. Give him the right players to work with and they have every chance at bouncing back quickly.”

“No doubt they will be back in The Premier League next season”

“great appointment for them I think, Brewster has had a very poor season in the PL but I’d back Joka to get the best out of him which will be key in bouncing back”.

“Looking forward to some Slav style “we’ll score more than you” football”

“I miss the Big Slav days….where I could watch them run their hearts out, they had urgency and the will to win. “

“Hell of a signing that.
A rare breed.
A coach that has a plan B.
And isn’t afraid to change a system after just 20 mins.”

“Do you remember the days when Fans asked for a sub, Joka did it within minutes.
He saw what changes needed to be made.
I miss those days.”

“Joka was all bout attack, goals,subs after 20mins if it wasn’t working all action”

“If they don’t get anything out of Brewster in the Championship he could turn out to be one of the most expensive dud signings ever. And in a sport full of dud signings that takes some doing. “

“Must be paying him a pretty penny to tempt him back from Qatar where he must’ve been earning a fortune.”

“FINALLY our team feels like the one that got us promoted under Slav. All playing for each other, pushing until the end, blowing teams off the park “

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