“Delighted with the 3 points , and of course 3 goals . But lets not get carried away , two poor teams with lots of energy but not a lot of skill .”

“Two poor teams today, but Sheffield alot poorer thank goodness. The Premier League standard this season, luckily for us, is absolutely shocking, even some of the pundits picking up on this as well. Even some of the bigger clubs aren’t particularly good this season either. The bottom four at the moment will remain the bottom four for the whole season. It makes a mockery of a competitive league. “

“You can only beat what is put in front of you and we did by taking advantage of their faults. We are a decent team who without a top strikers are trying to find alternative ways to score goals.”

“A difficult game against a team looking for a draw: we certainly looked up for it, but maybe a bit too anxious with all the good chances we missed, but a good, important win.
A very good team performance.”

“Good win against a difficult team,”

“A good win against a very stubborn if extremely limited side. “

“Sheffield were quite poor”

“I’m not entirely sure it was as good a performance as everyone is making out. Hopefully I am being too pessimistic, but I honestly thought Sheff Utd were the worst team I have seen at the cottage in a long long time. Far worse than Luton. I felt our quality was below par and even our intensity. A better team would have given us a far harder game”

“Sheffield were so spectacularly bad that I’m not sure much was learned. “

“Sheff UTD are whipping boys, but thank goodness it was not us today. The laws of average they will turn someone over. “

“They’ll be lucky to break Derby’s record low points but I’m relieved Oli McBurnie didn’t score. “

” we were by far the better team and fully deserved the three points today. Hope their lad is ok.”

“Think we should all take a moment, whether we followed from the stands or from your homes today, to offer our thoughts to Chris Basham. It happened in front of me (albeit I didn’t see him go down as I was watching the ball) and the fans waving for the medical staff to come on urgently indicated just how much of a problem it was. Full marks to Tim Ream for attending to him in the moment although it did concern me why it took (comparatively) so long to get the medical staff in and around him.”

“thoughts go to Chris Basham. At his age that injury is almost certainly career-ending. A sad ending for a loyal servant at Sheffield United.”

“hope their man Chris Basham makes a speedy recovery.”

“wish Chris Balham all the best for a speedy recovery. Small gestures like this renew our faith in good old sportsmanship.”

“Wish the lad well and a quick recovery! Some of us heard the snap in his foot – awful break out of nowhere! Ream such a gentleman seeing the KD in complete agony went over to hold his hand and stayed with him.”

“Would also like to complement the United fans for fully supporting the minutes applause for young Freddie. Aways welcome at the Cottage”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Fulham”
  1. Thanks Fulham fans for your messages re Basham. Looks serious, something else to worry about. Fully agree with comments. Awful league to watch, reserved for a select few, Spurs especially. Hope Fulham are successful. UTB

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