“Make no mistake, we are a budget team and we punch above in this league sometimes and we know our limitations so we buckle down and go again Saturday against Sheffield. “

“The main thing for the Sheff Utd game is that we must match their fight and effort. This will be a real battle, and they will see this as a big chance of a win. We must be up for it. “

“I would imagine teams like SHU and other lower table teams looking for points have to be happy to be playing FFC at this time and see an FFC tilt as a means to garnering points. 
I just want to see a good performance by the boys this Saturday.  I don’t mind losses as long as the lads put in a solid shift, which was absolutely not the case v CHE.  It will be a tough game for FFC, in my view.  I’ll be happy with the narrowest of wins v SHU, but we need 3 points!!!”

“Can we finally admit we are not capable of playing out from the back? Leno needs to kick it long and not f@ck about at the back. Sheff Utd will press hard on sat, do it again and its suicide.”

“Looking at our upcoming fixtures, makes our home game with Sheffield United look like it will become a must win game, as was the Luton game. After Sheffield we have extremely difficult games away at both Spurs and Brighton”

“all of a sudden our home game with Sheffield United on Saturday seems quite important, as we need a win to get back on track. “

“Lose to sheffield and questions will be a asked. “

“If we lose to Sheffield or frankly even draw then there will be melt down. Rightly so because it will show we have found no answer to the problems from the first game of the season. There are players who should not be starting.
It has been a horrible start to what we thought would be a promising season. It was a let down and continues to be so. Silva needs to earn his money. But there will be no calls for his sacking. But I will reserve the right to question his lack of answers and his tactics and subs. 
With Burnley beating Luton. Sheffield United and Bournemouth are the only teams without a win. Just makes you feel even more concerned. |”

“If we lose to Sheff U is that a disaster?
No, I hope we don’t obviously, but to predict we will go down seems absurd at this stage of the season, when you consider the players and manager we have.
Obviously a lot of pressure on team and manager though –  with expectations and  the stamp of ‘must win’ on this game, and this has all the makings of a potential banana skin, with Sheff U  giving their all, and doing everything they can to  frustrate us, and get a result, with their fans  loudly behind them.”

“I expect a melt down on here if we do lose to, or even don’t beat,  Sheff U, but, for me, this won’t be the end of the world, IF we don’t win; and manager and players, and fans, shouldn’t let their heads drop, but have even greater resolve to turn things round, and I believe we can, and  will.”

“If we lose to Sheffield, I think its fair to change the expectations of people that we might well be in a dog fight. That being said, I think we’ll win. “

“we won’t suffer defeat v Sheffield United. “

“I feel we will win this one and everyone knows what they need to do after that 1st half white flag we showed Chelsea on Monday night! “

“The one player I’m worried a little bit is Hamer a superb technical player and we should have signed him as scores goals as well. “

“We should have signed both Hamer and Gyokeres from Coventry, but for some reason TK won’t shop in the Championship. “

By Roy

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