“3 points at a canter, happy days….next”

“Promising times when a 2-0 PL home win is slightly disappointing!”

“Bit of a non event but three points is what it’s all about I spose.”

“First half we should have scored more, second half was like a training exercise,job done.”

“Didn’t get out of third gear”

“their defending was pretty hopeless”

“Sheffield United were dreadful, but we can only beat what’s in front of us.”

“Sheff U really we’re abysmal, they don’t even look like a good Championship team”

“Sheff Utd were really poor.”

” Sheff Utd are appalling, will be down by xmas”

“Truly woeful opponents (I can’t think of worse in the top flight)”

“!We were really poor today against one of the worst PL side of the last 15 years”

“To say 2-0 flattered Sheffield Utd was an understatement! They were utter garbage today. Worse than Luton and the Serbian mob. Relegation beckons for them if that’s the best they can do.”

“As for Sheffield United, you feel that the one-two punch of coming within a whisker of beating Spurs, and then losing, and then following that up with an 0-8 home defeat, has really hurt them. They were worse than Luton.”

“As for Sheffield United, pathetic showing. Good riddance in May, please don’t come back.”

“How awful are Sheffield united? I await legal action against us when they go down for being awful “

“They’re rifling through the paperwork as we speak to see if any of our foreign summer signings are illegal.”

“McBurnie would probably just about make it in a Vanarama League side”

“I hate Sheffield United for historical reasons.
But I thought their team did themselves proud today. Difficult after last game. And their goalie seemed to make any corner or free kick look easy.
Weird to say but a win for both clubs. I don’t give a toss for their fans though”

“A number of people a bit disappointed with the score
Imagine if you lived 10 miles from Bramall Lane and you work in Sheffield alongside about 10 of these ‘ supporters
The result was marvellous I assure you
As an aside I went in to work last Monday the day after Newcastle and never mentioned a word about the game except to say I will wait until Sat
They are going to get it both barrels tomorrow”

By Roy

One thought on “View From West Ham”
  1. Tough times but we are all Blades and our manager has worked miracles to get us up to this level. We get £160m extra income, our manager was given 15% of that to work with. We will get 4 years’ Parachute Payments too. This extra income moves Hecky’s project on by 10 years. Don’t lose faith in the manager.

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