“This game has nil nil or one nil written all over it.
I’m sure someone has the stats that show a team that lets in more than 5 goals one game only lets in 1 the next”

“reports saying shef utd will have 8 players out for this.
so defensive formation it will be then and scrape a 1-0. “

“Any team that gets whooped always recovers and gives a fighting performance the week after.
Anyone who thinks this’ll be a walk in the park is sadly mistaken.”

“Completely agree. It will be an arm wrestle for 75’sh minutes, then we’ll close it out. Wounded animal and all that.”

“We won’t batter these, it will more than likely be one of those stuttering, hard fought ground out wins “

“It won’t be a walk in the park but if we want to challenge the top 8 then we simply have to win this game and I think we will. Even when we were awful for most of last season we still won games at home against teams in the relegation scrap. “

“Sheffield United are going to spend all season in the bottom 3 and drop straight back down, based on what I’ve seen so far.
Of course, there’s a chance they could turn things around but they will be there or thereabouts all season.
Yes, on paper this is a home win, all day long. However things don’t always work out like that and we know that better than most. As soon as Newcastle walloped them last weekend I thought that’s not a good result for us.
I still expect us to win but they will be parking the bus and making it tough.”

“This is the sort of game where we have to take the initiative as sheff utd will sit back and hope for a point . get an early goal or two and it could be six. “

“I’m nervy about our defence, at the moment; I think teams can see chances with crosses towards that zone between two CBs.
This is the kind of game where we’ve got to expect that a limited opponent, that had to sell some of its better players even after promotion, comes with yhe intention of ruffling a few feathers.
Both sides will look to maximise their setpiece opportunity. “

“I think we’ll win, but it won’t be a thrashing and I can see us conceding a goal as I don’t trust us against teams with a physical presence knowing our weak left hand side”

“We usually win these kind of matches by two to four goals, eventually.
McBurnie at CF is a bit of a bruiser for them. “

“All the stats point to them being a long ball team, who have very low levels of possession, but one who can be opened up in normal play and have vulnerabilities at set pieces.
The kind of game that points towards 60-70% possession, and 20-30 efforts on goal. JWP to get at least one goal or assist looks a probability. “

“This will be physical. They throw it forward at two strikers who work hard, and they’re all grit over skill.
I don’t think they’re very good, but I do think they’re gonna fight for every scrap, and seem the type who will want to show they won’t allow another like last weekend.
Manager does appear to be close to the edge, though. Wilder’s name floating around as a comeback kid, although I think they should go for Colin. “

“Can we sign Tevez for one match please?”

By Roy

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