“Sat 8pm kick off in a decent, close, Northern city… Could be one of the greatest aways in utd history… (not going) “

“In Sheffield for 1pm, won’t remember a thing about the game which is a blessing these days”

“6 pointer”

“They’re averaging nearly 3 goals conceded per game (boosted by that Newcastle game of course), and we’re averaging barely over a goal a game scored.
In true football fashion, this will be an absolute pain to watch and finish 0-0.”

“Promoted team away from home.
Guaranteed 3-1 loss.”

“These lot haven’t won a game this season and sit on one point after 8 games. Enter Manchester United”

“We’re shocking but they’re even worse… didn’t think it was possible for a team to be worse than us. However I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us.”

“Trying to work how we are going to make this lot look like a good side. OK, I don’t expect eight like Newcastle (we barely score than many in a month) but anything other than a stroll will be just another disgrace in a long list of disgraces”

“Our midfield is barely better than Luton’s right now and they almost beat Manchester City on their ground.”

“I can see this match being a slog. If we don’t score early they’ll get stuck into us and then who knows.”

“These lot look like relegation certs so Sheffield United should win.”

“Sheffield haven’t win yet in the league and if they’ll do something against us I’ll lose my mind!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time. Remember in the 2021 season, Sheffield United were rock-bottom and had not won away from Bramall Lane all season; in comes us with the chance to go top of the table and we managed to lose 2-1…”

“Still remember few seasons ago when they were absolutely gash and rooted to the bottom of the table… then proceeded to beat us at OT.
Can’t even rest easy against this lot”

“We’ve got to take the game to them, we should beat them comfortably with that team, otherwise we might as well pack up”

“Got to beat this lot, everybody else has been, got to try to build that winning momentum going in to the Manchester derby.”

“Feel weirdly positive about this week’s game. Probably because we didn’t have a game at the weekend, but maybe that comeback the week before is the kickstart to the season we need.”

“Yeah I feel positive too, though I think it’s partly because Im just glad have normal football back after yet another shitty international break. “

“In the unlikely event that we’re ever going to have one of those nice, easy wins in the league this year, this would be the game to do it.”

“Must win game against the worst side ever in PL. “

“Should win this even if we’re playing like shit. Sheffield United are hopeless”

“Theirs no excuses to not be scoring 3+ against this pile of shite. They’re a shambles.”

“Positive we will get a result, could even be a mauling…”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Man Utd”
  1. The Manure fans never change, how many billions have they spent and still disrespect teams that have just come up and haven’t had the luxury of Premier League money for years or very rich owners? I do hope we manage to stuff them just for the satisfaction of laughing at them.

  2. I think we could cause a surprise against Man Spu, we have lost heavily to Newcastle, BUT wind back to City and spurs we were in both of those games, I think Man Spu fans are a little disrespectful, but just remember guys, lose to us and you’re the laughing stock of world football let alone the premiership.

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