“We’ve won but there’s absolutely no other positives I can think of… “

“Painful at times. Three points that’s all that matters at this stage. “

“Gash performance but a win’s and win”

“That was horrible.”

“Sheff Utd could barely field a side and yet the better team for an hour”

“Sheff utd are one of the worst premier league teams I’ve ever seen……….and we struggled against em”

“we were horrific once again.”

“My word that was terrible. “

“that was woeful”

“Sheffield did £#%&! all. That isnt me praising us. But the basic level of competence in them kept them at arms length for a large portion of the game.”

“Sheffield United are awful”

“Overall we were not good but they were worse”

“We won via a very shite performance. “

“Another bang average performance, this time against the bottom of the league”

“That was dogshit, up there with some of the worst games I’ve ever seen us play. Struggling to find any positives. Awful. “

“It was utter shite.”

“pathetic performance”

“Well that was painful (but predictable).
Not looking forward to the derby after scraping wins against Brentford & Sheff Utd, with those levels of performances”

“Every team we have beat has been in the bottom half of the table and we still haven’t won a game by more than one goal. “

“You only have to look at the utter mess we made of the last 15 mins up front to see how infuriating it must be try and coach these tossers”

“It’s been 10 years, multiple managers, countless players and hundreds of millions of pounds.
And here we are. “

“There’s also the small time home side raising their game element to consider as well, of course?
Just imagine if they had got their first league win since coming back up tonight – they would have dined out on that into 2024. “

“They deserved to lose. I pray for their relegation”

“Mr Bean looking mfer Heckingbottom can hold the L”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Man Utd”
  1. They say we were terrible , whats that make them mc blobby should have been pulled up for another pen when he pushed mcatee in the box. Typical man utd fans moan moan moan.

  2. As a blade that game was there for the taking ,, with a full side out maybe we could easily have beat them ???
    But that’s the worst Man Utd side I’ve seen in 20 years , they struggled to beat a poor blades side , cracker of a winner but Man U fans need to worry when they play a decent team .

  3. How sad. Diving time wasting crying to the ref Rashford getting player’s book with his moaning. Only just beat half a first team Has for the support poor doesn’t come close.

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