“There’s been so much talk about Luton bring one of the worst PL side ever.
Think Sheffield is worse than Luton.”

“Its a Championship team. Strangely enough the owner is a member of Saudi Arabia’s ruling royal family.”

“A very easy win. I can even see farmers like Ödegaard and Nketiah score against this crap.”

“Nice easy game, we should get a few goals. A clean sheet would be nice as well.”

“Absolute must win and I’d go as far as saying anything less than total domination by us will be disappointing. I’d hate us to even let them have any shots on target, such should be our control in this one.”

“Must win, easy win”

“Nice, easy and relaxed win. Supporters at the Emirates will chilling with a nice cuppa for this game.”

“Imma need a haul for this one come on lads”

“Nothing short of a total annihilation of these scrubs. Goal difference bonanza coming.”

“Anything less than 3:0 win here you adjust expectations for the season because they’re the worst team in the league by a mile”

“Five goals minimum. Rotate players in the League Cup game midweek vs. West Ham.”

“Should really go for double digit here”

“Is this a fixture where there is no chance of a jinx? Their record is horrendous but you just feel we could somehow make our lives difficult. Think an early botched clearance from Raya again and somehow we’re behind after ‘5.
Anyway, hope we can pad our GD here”

“Reckon we go 1-0 and then start defending the lead. They’ll equalise from a set piece and then we’ll eventually show urgency and finish them off via a (lucky) deflection in the 88th. Everyone will praise Arteta’s tactics and claim us being stiffer than an 18th century English lord is actually a deliberate tactic to conserve energy and not give up chances and go on to say how that’s the way to win championships.”

“They play better against the big sides.
Saying that the key is to get an early goal, they will crumble if we score 1 or 2 early doors. Intense high pressure from the off, pace and power. I think we started fast and hard against Sevilla and it worked well, set the tone for the game.”

“I don’t see any credible narrative which leads to us dropping points here but whilst they are a fairly agricultural side, the West Ham blip apart, they’re not exactly being thrashed either. And this current Arsenal side is not the thrashing type. It takes us too long to dominate games, to create dangerous situations and to score. So I’m going 2-0, would love a 3-0 at least because under certain circumstances that would put us top of the league.
Clearly they can’t match us for skill but they can try and match us for energy and they’ll all be behind the ball even if they go behind. “

“Not sure it will be an enjoyable game to watch. Sheffield will be sitting so deep and offer very little going forward. We will have all the ball but have trouble breaking their low block. But our weight of possession and the fact they dont have great players means we are still likely to win, 2-0 imo. “

“Sheffield has done well against the top 2 teams with city scoring a goal in the last 5 mins and Sp**s scoring 2 in injury time to beat them. Their struggles seems more to be how poor they are against teams they should be more competitive with.”

“We are one of the top two or 3 most expensive sides in the world by transfers playing a team best suited for championship level ball, i hope Mik doesn’t c.ck it up”

“Trusty revenge game. Could be tough.”

“Feel much more blase about away games than home these days. We’ve made a pig’s ear of a so-called ‘easy 3pts at home’ more times than I’ve had hot dinners. “

By Roy

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