“Sheffield United a real tough game”

“My tip to win the play offs, best we claim one of the top two places”

“They look a quality side.”

“can see Sheffield United making a push for top 6. Definitely a good year to get promoted because the way things are going Newcastle will take one of the top two places next season.”

“FFC, Bmouth, WBA and She U. Two of these to get promoted directly and one via the playoff…only one to miss out. It was my prediction before the season and i think it still looks resonable.”

“Frankly I’d be gobsmacked if they even make the playoffs let alone win it at this stage.”

“Doubt it with Heckingbottom as manager, his record hardly sets the world alight just under 35% win ratio”

“I can’t get over the fact that they sacked Jokanovic because he asked for a couple of wingers in January and gave Heckingbottom a four year contract.”

“Nor can I could be the dumbest decision this season.”

“A win against the in form Sheffield team is now much needed. It sounds as if we have a fit squad and the manager has good options available , lets hope we hit form.”

“Two games at the Cottage now which should be run of the mill games for a top of the table team become critical matches because of our recent dip in results.
Win these two and we will again feel like promotion favourites, fail to win and we will have big doubts.”

“Sheffield United and then Birmingham will be arriving at the Cottage intent on keeping clean sheets and fully aware of our tactics and will have seen how other teams have stopped us.”

“Getting too close for comfort though with our dropped points last few games”

“Yeah bit nervy now, need to hit some form quickly.”

“Only three goals and four points from the last four games, clearly not good enough and if this form continues we will soon drop down the table.
All of the four draws have been similar with us playing pretty football, having most of the possession and dominating the first half but with our opponents gradually coming into the game in the second half. We have lacked punch in the box and it is difficult to see where goals are coming from.
The manager is selecting our best players, we have not had big injury problems but it seems that our tactics have been well observed and managers are able to set up their teams to counter our attacks.
Changes are needed, we are simply hitting our heads against brick walls.”

“We were all fully fit against Luton and really failed to impress . Sheffield United are capable of performing as well as Luton so it is hard to see how we are going to open them up.
We really have to trouble defenses , there is no sign of that right now.”

“Even the best teams in this league have bad patches. That includes Blackburn, Bournemouth as well as us. At the moment there is no need to panic and nobody is beating us”

“Such a massive opportunity for us Monday….Please don’t be typical Fulham and limp this result. Would be huge for mentality of teams around us.”

“We definitely need a win Monday to build a bit more of a lead from 3rd and 4th.”

“Considering the illness that ravaged our squad and playing the team in 2nd place and still not losing ground or games, I’d say we’re doing pretty well.”

“We are playing some great football and teams are setting up to stifle us which means that they will not be so aggressive going forward often with two banks of 5 which shows no attacking intent.”

By Roy

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