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“Full credit to Sheffield tonight”

“I would say that they were the best side we have played this season . They outmuscled and outfought us from start to finish.”

“Sheff United have had our number since the first whistle. Well done Heckingbottom & Co.”

“Sheff Utd so well organised”

“As expected given they are team of Premiership they are a good team. I thought they made us look very average.”

“They deserved to win tonight. We were poor. Their game plan was spot on and gave us no space at all.”

“Sheffield bossed it from start to finish. “

“The right team won.”

“Fair play to Sheff United thoroughly deserved that. “

“Out muscled and out fought by Sheffield who raised their game and put 10 men behind the ball whilst effectively counter attacking. Robinson is very disappointing making no meaningful contribution. Cavalho seems to lack the impact he used to have and Mitro had virtually zero service. Why oh why don’t our forwards try to dribble through. Sadly Sheffield defended too well and Wilson was again unable to show his quality blazing over when he had a good chance at the end”

“outfought again …..Sheffield United did a job on us”

“Never seen so many misplaced passes by us, we were bullied and couldn’t fight back. Sheffield seemed more up for it than us.”

“This is shef utds fourth win on the spin so their position in the league is a false position. If we matched the effort of shef Utd going for 50/50 balls then we may get a result. They are very scrappy team but it’s working for them.”

“Shef utd played an interesting way, similar to spurs, 2 hard working forwards left up with a back 5 and try and catch on the break by exploiting our slowish CBs.”

“Look at the stats and it gives a very good description of the game. Defend like lions, get on us quickly and give us no time. They relied on the counter which got them the well taken goal but it was the product of a kick it anywhere punt. Set up for a draw and relying on a quick break.”

“Shef Utd made it awkward for us but we didn’t help ourselves”

“that was all on Silva tonight …found wanting by basic organisation and hard work by Heckinbotham”

“I don’t think they were good at all on the day, and neither were we.
It has to be the worst game I’ve watched for a long long time. Anyway, we got to hear the commentators mention how positive they were everytime they had a very brief touch of the ball in our half.”

“They are very physical side”

“Agreed. Muscle and chase tactics won in the end. We were poor and had no answers tonight.”

“I’ve never seen a team have to do less to beat us. That was incredibly bad.”

“We can´t break down this type of side. They scored a remarkable goal which even they didn´t expect. The game landed in their hands. Defend, time waste, foul & take the bookings.”

“How can this squad go from 7 consecutive wins to such dross? Silva’s fault or the players, one things for certain the PL would destroy us again, we don’t deserve autos & I expect a scramble play-offs”

“Should of got a point was the best team for the last 87 min”

“Ref was poo but he was consistent.”

“Ref was OK but could have got the cards out earlier. They were queueing up to kick Harry and Neeskens was continually fouled. Obvious tactics which ref should have jumped on quicker.”

“I actually think he had a good game. Let the game flow instead of blowing for weak challenges and dives.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Fulham”
  1. Oh didums.How can so many speak so honestly and then you have have the odd idiot that has no idea what the fook he’s/she is talking about.Team fantastic Bully boy Billy had you all on the back foot and the Blades fans well say no more UTB and on we go..

  2. Very honest posts from the Fulham supporters.Well done which is unusual from supporters of London teams.
    .Yes the Blades nicked it but wth one of the best goals I’ve ever seen.

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