“Higden, deceptively effective, very heavy and very slow but could be a good signing, a real experienced player with a bit of know how.”

“He has the turning circle of a large oil tanker. “

“Big Higgy gave us a physical presence, which is more than what we’ve had. He makes Ron Futcher look like
Linford Christie, but at least we’ve got something to aim at. “

“I didn’t think it was too bad today but some cnut ruined for me…
After 10 minutes he had decided that Higdon was shite, lazy, not fit and had no right to walk into the side and was here for an easy ride. He slagged him all game long! “

“Higdon looked a real asset when in a forward two”

“Higdon needs support, although I would fancy my chances against him in a foot race. “
“Higdon contributed once he had team mates close to him.”

“higdon was a handful all game “

“Higdon will do well for us.”

 “Higdon was crap”

“Higdon shoild have buried the rebound fromm Poleon’s shot at the end of the first half. “

“if we are pinning our hopes on Higdon then we r in trouble. Hippos are more mobile than him which wouldn’t be so bad if he could hold the ball up. Ud struggle getting a stamp under one of his jumps.”

“mom for me was Higdon”

“i thought higdon put a right shift in tonight, won practically every header, not all finding their target, granted he is slow but i thought he was good, poleon doing the running who i thought was excellent, thought both worked well together, definately looked dangerous in attack tonight”

“He’s good Higdon.
Told my boss he wont settle at BP cos hes a unit and the fans will hate him. Seems Im right. 2 games 2 direct contributions to the scoresheet.
Fuckin shit fat slow bastard.”

“ A goal, an assist, hitting the post, holding the ball up, winning headers, being in position for other chances”

“Higdon is exactly what we need.
Different to the series of lightweight strikers we’ve got on the books and he’s smart too. “

“Ironically Higdon is ideal in a 451 or 433 to hold the ball up and bring in the other two attackers (433) or midfield.”

“Thought Higdon played well”

“Higdon is a great addition, certainly can bully”

“Decent finish from Higdon, followed by an awful one”

By Roy

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