A few Blades have recently asked if I could grab some views from opposition fans regarding players that have recently left us. I will hopefully make this into a regular feature and try to give an insight of how our former players are now faring.

In this feature I am concentrating on 6 players who were with us last season. Micheal Doyle, Ben Davies, Jamie Murphy, Jason Holt, Joe Ironside and Steve Davies
We start with Michael Doyle who joined League 2 Portsmouth in pre-season after being released by the Blades. It seems the Pompey fans are divided on our former captain

“Another over rated player hasn’t impressed me at all”

“Did he pass the ball forward once?”

“Doyle is a good defensive midfield, but not what we need when need to force the pace”

“Yes we do need to move the ball quicker at home but please stop the constant suggestion it’s all down to Doyle.”

“Doyle Breaks things up, drives us forward and is an excellent captain.”

“Doyle seems to have made a difference”

“Doyle makes a difference tackling and winning the ball on the edge of their box”

Another ex-blade who joined Portsmouth in pre-season was the veteran Ben Davies. Davies has been used mainly in a right back position for his new club who have been very impressed with him

“Ben Davis has impressed me more than any other player this season. His energy is pretty good to say the least and possesses a cross “

“Davies most impressive player for sure and for the full 90 every game. “

“Davies easy most impressive player”

“Davies has been a shining light”

“I think the thing with Davies is he not only gives everything, but from what ive read he also loves being here. He has spoke of his honour at captaining the side on more than one occasion. Surely will become a fans favourite even if only here for the one year of contract he currently has.”

Jamie Murphy meanwhile moved up a division to join Brighton in August and has already cemented himself as a firm favourite with the Seagulls with fans even creating new chants for him

“Murphy has started brilliantly for us, so maybe its time for a chant?
A nice easy one for him could be the ‘White Pele’ chant?
“I saw my mate,
The other Day,
He said to me, he saw the White Pele,
So i asked,
Who is he?
He goes by the name of Jamie Murphy!
Jamie Murphy,
Jamie Murphy,
He goes by the name of Jamie Murphy!” “

“He plays for Brighton,
His skills are crazy,
He loves the Albion,
Jamie Murphy!
Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepson.”

On the pitch Murphy has attracted much praise

“Murphy looked the business, seems to seriously enjoy running at defenders.”

“Murphy glides past defenders with ease”

“He looks good. real quality and great movement when on the ball. “

“He runs at defenders on both sides and knows where the goal is. “

“What i loved about murphy last night, wasnt only the fact that he took on and beat his man. But the fact that every time he did he put a pin point pass to one of the players waiting in the box..
Something weve been lacking for years. Exallent game last night. “

Jason Holt failed to earn himself a contract at Bramall Lane following the Blades failure to gain promotion and he now finds himself at Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers. He has notched a couple of goals this season but the ‘Gers faithful are still a little undecided on him

“holt is a good players defo but no strength and bullied to easy”

“I like Jason Holt a lot “

“I’d like to see more of Holt, to me he disappears far too much. “

“We’re a better team with Holt in the side.”

“Holt doesn’t look fit”

“holt didnt have a good game, however id defend him because so far this season holt has looked good linking up with our striker”

Steve Davies was another player on loan at United last season that didn’t quite do enough to earn a full time contract. Now at Bradford City he has so far failed to find the net this season but some supporters at Valley Parade are happy with him whilst others remain far from convinced.

“He is starting to show a bit of form and keeping out Big James”

“He’s the type of player who will get his fair share of bookings and he has left his foot in a few times and the cards he’s got have been deserved. However if you tell him to tempur his aggression you would stifle his improving confidence”

“I think a good Davies is better than a good Hanson. Need a run and get his match fitness/sharpness! Needs a goal too! “

“Had a great game yesterday but for me the jury are still out . “

“there is a he’s a league one player and it’s no doubt down to quality.”

“I actually don’t think Davies is that good”

“Yes Davies workrate is there but who would put Davies in front of Hanson on a regular basis”

“If Davies is going to make it at City, he has to look a heck of a lot better than he has so far – and if he’s going to prove himself superior to Hanson who has done so much for this club, then I look forward to it”

And finally Joe Ironside left the Blades in the Summer and signed permanently for Alfreton Town where he had been on loan the season previous

“Ironside, since the league started he hasn t won one single header yet we still persist in humping the ball up there “

“I believe joe ironside needs that extra sting , but I am supporting everyone to come good in good time.”

“ I can think of some of last year’s team who would not have run for the ‘lost cause’ ball in the 4th minute of injury time like Joe Ironside”

“well done to Joe Ironside for not giving up getting the pen when all looked lost and putting it away. “

By Roy

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