“I’ve called him Calvert-Lewis all season. Think I even once called him “that one with the name” “

“DCL played very well and might have had a hat trick.”

“ Sheffield United have a got a fantastic prospect on their hands, I already rate him higher than Toney.”

“Great finishing from Calvart Lewin”

“I reckon the boy Custard Loopy is pretty flipping’ tasty myself!”

“Toney scored 8 in 40 last season … DCL already has 7 in 14
Not bad for a midfielder. ….. “

“He’s better than Toney (I’ve said it before).
Sheff United have got one hell of a prospect on their hands. (I’ve said that before too) “

“DCL is a natural goalscorer, you can’t even train that into somebody. If both stay fit I bet DCL has a more successful career than Toney, scores more goals and play at a higher level. “

“Comparing him to Toney or not, DCL is class. “

“He’s better than Toney”

“Clubs will always want a goalscoring midfielder”

“I remember being really ****ed at his signing. It seemed a cheap desperate signing. I guess it shows how much I know!!! “

“His goal at Morecambe told me he would be a very good player indeed.”

“I think Calvert-Lewin is a far better bet to score for us now than Richards, it won’t be long before he’s our top scorer, he would be now if he had taken our penalties. “

“Calvert Lewin was anonymous today”

By Roy

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