“Higdon was terrible”

“Higdon gets unfair grief even though he scores goals”

“thought Higdon looked decent in the first half”

“Higdon got no service”

“Higdon won most headers”

“Higdon has been playing well until today”

“Higdon is the best thing about the team.Puts it in context. “

“After Liam Kelly, Higdon is probably the best thing about that team just now, jesus wept!”

“Higdon has been singled out as useless and in need of someone else to replace him after he has been involved in all goals we have scored before today.”

“Looks like Croft, Dunn and Higdon are on the same diet of donner kebab and rag pudding smoothies.”

“If Higdon leaves the club in mid-table by the end of his loan spell he will have been a success.”

“Higdon works hard up front”

“Higdon is doing what we brought him in for”

“Higdon is the footballing Buddha”

“Higdon wasn’t posing any real threat up front yesterday,”

By Roy

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