“Higdon’s goal record is brilliant so he will score if we put decent crosses in.”

“Higdon overweight and lazy.”

“ Hardly Dunn’s fault that Higdon missed sitters. “

“I’d bin Higdon”

“We had improved before Higdon’s removal, but very quickly the improved movement started to make life difficult for Chesterfields sluggish centre halves.”

“I havent really been impressed with Higdon for a while”

“higdon holds up ball and nothing else. He needs two wingers who can cross to be effective.”

“The key to it was taking that lump Higdon off”

“Higdon has gone cold.”

“Higdon shit”

“We need to bomb Higdon back to sheffield as soon as”

“when Higdon come on he won everything in the air yet no one was willing to take a chance and push on”

“when Higdon come on he won everything absolutely nothing in the air, yet we looked so much better. Why can’t Dunn see we need to play with two up front? Even with the ball occasionally bouncing off a lumbering hulk we have so much more of an attacking threat.”

“he’s slow, lazy, but has a 1 in 2 career return and last night when good supply came in he looked dangerous”

“At least Higdon did something”

“Higdon was very good”

“Higdon is a very solid player at this level”

“Higdon more or less squaring up to a supporter as he was leaving the pitch at half time. With that nobhead”

By Roy

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