In this weeks feature I take a look at former Blades who started their careers at United and see how they are now getting on

Harry Maguire has found it difficult to break into Hull City’s first team but with the Tigers suffering from injuries at the back, Maguire has been involved in 3 of their last 4 games earning himself good reviews

“Maguire….. Brilliant”

“Maguire mom against Boro”

“he’s a very good centre half already and he’s only 22.”

“he has a very good future ahead of him..
Some say he’s not quick enough but if he learns from
Daws how to read the game he’ll be a hell of a player.
Got great feet, came out of defence a few times and
Didn’t give the ball away, looked like he had time on the ball,
Sign of a good player…. “

“Maguire is also good at bringing the ball out of defence without having to hoof it.”

“Comparing Alex Bruce to Harry Maguire is like comparing Chris Burke to Demarai Gray.
Maguire has tons more ability, he just needs to get more experience at higher levels well protected on the bench.”


Though Micheal Tonge actually began his career at Manchester United it was the Blades who gave him his league debut at The Blades in 2001. Tonge recently joined Stevenage in League 2 but was sent off in just his 3rd start meaning he has served a suspension for the last 3 games. That said he does seem to have impressed in his short time at Broadhill Way though Blades fans may be surprised by the second comment here

“Tonge was decent but was a moron for getting sent off”

“He’s had that in his locker throughout his career so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. It comes from caring a lot and really wanting to win though, so you take the rough with the smooth. “

“32, f**k me he looks about 50!”

“Has he been without a club since the summer then? It might take him a while to get back to match fitness if that’s the case, but he has good pedigree.
It’ll be hard singing a song for an ex. Sheffield United player wearing red and white stripes”

“Sheffield United have been my local side since I went to uni and he was my favourite player in their 2005/6 promotion to the Premier League season, had a bit of class in a deep-lying playmaker role and was allegedly looked at by Liverpool around 2003, so I’m very excited.”

“I like the look of Tonge.”

“Tonge has that class, you can see it on show. Comfortable on the ball”

“Tonge is immense”

“Tonge. Class. Class to the point where you honestly must question why he’s dropped down… signing. He’s not slow either!”


Nick Montgomery has had a successful spell in Australia with Central Coast Mariners since leaving the Blades in 2012. in 2013 he helped his new club win the Australian A League and now as club captain he seems to have full cemented himself as a hero Down Under.

“*starts chanting*:shoutclap::shoutclap::shoutclap: “WE’VE GOT MONTGOMERY, HE’S F***N QUALITY!!!!!”:shoutclap::shoutclap::shoutclap:”

“Montgomery – someone give that man a parade! A medal too. Hero, and now certain Mariners Legend”

“Montgomery just gets better”

“Monty is a beast!”

“Monty the monster. Oh my word he is immense”

“He is the man in our team”

“Leadership sits well with this man”

“does Monty have a any younger brothers? He has to be one of the best signings ever by our club”

“Monty plays like 2 men”

“Monty what can you say words fail he has a heart as big as whatever you care to name.”

“Monty is courageous and never stops running”

“Where does Monty get his energy from? Our best player this season”

“Sheff Utd is in Monty’s blood after 400 games for them. a United legend.”


Stephen Quinn moved south to Reading this summer and the an injury to the Irishman has coincided with a loss of form for The Royals. The fans don’t think it’s a coincidence

“ It is obvious that we miss Quinn”

“Our problems started when Quinn got injured”

“Let’s not understate how much we are missing Quinn”

“We were controlling games with Quinn in the team”

“Quinn has been a huge loss. Need him back asap”

“Our midfield gets overran without Quinn”

“Quinn is a big loss. His ball control, passing and tackling is top drawer. He retains the ball and almost never gives it away.”


Jordan Slew has certainly seen his career go backwards since he left United for Blackburn Rovers back in 2011. After a number of loan spells he now finds himself permanently at Cambridge United. Slew seems to be getting a fairly rough time from the fans. So far he has only managed one goal but some fans still hold out hope for him

“Talking to one of the players who lives locally and he REALLY rates Slew and so do a number of the rest of the squad.
They cannot fathom why he hasn’t converted in the games when In training he is razor sharp in his finishing.
Here’s an approach we can try. Let’s get behind him for a few games. If come Christmas he still is bollocks in games then savage him but collectively lets get him up and playing. His only Us goal at Morecombe last year was a very impressive finish….. He clearly can do it.
Unlike Donaldson, who retains godlike status despite being shite for 11 months Slew has had limited opportunities
Would love him to come good…. He’s also a lovely bloke apparently.”

“It seems someone has to be a target. Last season Taylor was given harsh treatment but has generally come good this season. Slew is the current target which a can’t help his confidence or his prospects of scoring”

“What is his point? Thirty minutes of utter dross, again. Time to speed off out on loan.”

“Is there something that a manager or coach sees in slew, that thousands of Cambridge fans can’t? “

“Slew has had multiple chances, and blown them all.”

“Jordan Slew and Danny Carr. Neither played last night, but they both epitomise what’s been wrong with this football club since United at home. No skill. No class. No passion. No quality. GET FUCKING RID. “

“He isn’t good enough”

“Gaffney had done more in 3 mins than Slew in 10 months!”

“Watching Jordan Slew trying to play football leaves me feeling bewildered and alone.”

“Slew needs sacking quicker than the boss of Volkswagen.”

“Has Slew actually done anything for us yet?”

By Roy

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