“McNulty was a red card waiting to happen thanks to the referer”

“Mcnulty is very unselfish. He looks far too good for league 2”

“McNulty MoM.”

“McNulty was excellent but a total idiot kicking the ball over the Milton End, deserved a yellow”

“McNulty and Lavery are one of the best partnerships we’ve had in recent times”

“If McNulty gets recalled it will be a nightmare”

“Adkins doesn’t actually rate McNulty and has three strikers in front of him. He is even seen as disruptive on and off the field. No doubt he would love to stay here”

“If mcnulty wasnt wanted there a month ago for whatever reasons then just because hes scored some goals doesnt mean he will suddenly be in favour.
I guess he main problem may come if someone else wants too buy him from sheff utd in january.”

“It would be great if we could unload Tubbs back to Wimbledon now, and do a deal for McNulty before he scores too many goals and gets too much attention from other clubs.”

“It’s not just about the goals with McNulty, it’s his work rate too”

“ McNulty is worth hanging onto for the following reasons:
1) He has bought a new dimension, speed, intelligence, technique to Pompey’s attack and he helps us punish the opposition like we were not doing before
2) The Blades loaned him out including playing in the FA cup, Adkins clearly seems to have wanted to get rid as he was blanked.
3) their fans, those I know and on their social are bouncing with rage that he has been “exiled” because as we know he is class
4) why don’t we make a move and get him off Adkins hands before he becomes to expensive thanks to doing the business at fratton. I have been convinced from the start of the loan that the Blades were offering him to us
5) when we get promoted we should have him on board not having to go back in the market to find a clone.
6) If we have to splash the cash let’s do a Tifosy we’re good at that and i believe ready to do this and become his agent, haha imagine a player having 10,000 agents, that would be interesting and break the bounds.”

“I would bite their hand off for McNulty for £100K”

“Far too good for this level!”

“Quite simply, if we keep him and Lavery till the end of the season we go up.
They have transformed our team. Apart from scoring an absolute cracker, Lavery did not stop running for the 80 minutes he was on the pitch, and the moment McNulty was one on one with their keeper you just knew he’d score. Class act.”

“I think we need to try and get McNulty on a permanent transfer sooner rather than later.
If they sack Aitkins who knows what our chances of keeping him would be.”

“Talking to Mark McNulty’s dad yesterday he said Mark is desperate to stay but it’s only a ‘gentlemans agreement’ that he can stay after january.”

“People say we dont want mcnulty scoring too many because sheffield itd will recall him, but surely we want him to score the goals to win us games first and foremost. If he gets recalled so be it, but he will go with us picking up a lot more points than we would have done without him!”

“We should extend ourselves in an attempt to secure McNulty, assuming he’s happy to come here, of course.If we push hard now, in January, then maybe we could clinch the deal before McNulty becomes so conspicuous that everyone wants him, including his parent club! ”

“I agree that if Sheff Utd are willing to sell McNulty in January then we should be buying him outright! I am presuming though that he is not for sale at this time.
I’d like Pompey’s transfer strategy to be thinking not just getting promoted in May to League 1 but acquiring players that will get us promoted back into the Championship – those players are harder to come by admittedly – but McNulty is one that clearly fits the bill “

“he makes things tick”

“He’s our best player”

“McNulty had his poorest game against Luton”

“Since the moment Marc arrived he has made a mahoosive difference to our team. He’s far too good for this league and, quite simply, if we keep him and Lavery we get promoted. Would love to sign him. Cook is exactly the type of man manager he needs.”

By Roy

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