“McNulty’s price tag is more interesting … they paid 100k for him but he had a successful season in league one after that,and what he had done since he has been with us will not have detracted anything from his fee. 200k might get him though.”

“Sheff utd paid around 100k for mcnulty so would be hard to see them selling him for more, maybe a 50k deal could happen but would depend on his wages i suppose.”

“they obviously dont want him there. They wont be wanting a big sum when they know its only going to be teams in league 2 and maybe league 1 wanting him”

“McNultys movement is accepted by most if not all as superb”

“McNulty is our best striker”

“McNulty is just a younger version of Tubbs. Similar in looks, similiar in build, similar in coolness of finishing. The only difference is that McNulty has the edge on movement and pace due to his youth. However, they are also both intelligent footballers and so might be on each other’s wavelengths.”

“A cut above League 1, We stay in League 2 without him and his goals”

By Roy

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