“Wallace and Grimmer , on this afternoons performance more like fookin Wallace and Gromit .”

“I thought Wallace looked good and may be an excellent signing if he stays fit”

“with bit of time on the pitch Wallace should be a good addition”

“Wallace, at least ran about a bit. With him on in the second half we were terrible, which therefore represented a definite improvement from the first half which was absolutely heinous.”

“Wallace looks like a significant upgrade in midfield.”

“looks like Wellens ,Wallace and Black could be quite formidable in midfield”

“Wallace added needed physical strength in the midfield. Always looking for the ball and will get better with more games.”

“we may now have a player who wants the ball in midfield. Someone who can calm things down and create a sense of time for the players around him”

“Why are we playing Wallace out on the wing?”

“Wellens looks like so unfit and immobile, and Wallace isn’t much better.”

“Wallace was dire tonight and looked totally unfit”

“James Wallace has played for Sheffield United and tranmere , that makes him championship”

By Roy

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