Northampton Fans

“Sad day, but it’s the one job we wouldn’t begrudge him going after “

“I hate football. I really hate it.”

“I’m obviously biased because of the unbelievable job he did for us, but he’s a top manager. Has a clear philosophy, creates good relationships with players and fans, and bringing Alan Knill will help too. Old Knilly is a bloody good no.2 and they’re a good double act. He’ll get them up.”

“He’ll get Sheffield United promoted, no question about it.
Suspect he’ll take them to the Prem eventually.”

“Please stay away from Smith, Pretty Ricky and John-Joe. Many thanks”

“good luck chris and al i imagine he would work for HIS club for the love of it , Thanks for what you have done for the cobbs in the crapper when you came turned us round and gave us a wonderful season to be remembered for all of us old boys who remember the 50’s,60’s, and onwards”

“It shows how badly it’s been handled by everyone that this all came out before Adkins was even sacked.
I’ll wish Wilder well personally, he must be delighted, but as a rival of ours I hope it goes t*ts up on the pitch and they continue to struggle. “

“Thanks for everything Wilder, he owes us nothing and we owe him everything.”

“Thanks for everything Chris, I hope we stuff you next season.
Wait with baited breath for offers for Adam Smith and Ricky Holmes, my guess will be a £1m for both which will be accepted”

“He deserves this. He has earned it, through all the **** he had to suffer from Oxford fans in his time there whilst doing a steady job, through the risk he took in jumping onto a sinking ship here, through the work he did behind the scenes, above and beyond the call of duty to help find us a buyer in our darkest hour, through the passion he showed after the Notts County game and most importantly, through being a bloody good manager. He has just proved his doubters at Poxford wrong and now gets an opportunity to manage the club he has supported since he was a boy. Taking the emotion of being a Cobblers fan out of the equation, it’s a genuine feelgood story, especially as he was assistant manager at Bury and took his first job at Halifax in the not too disant past. If Vardy deserves a movie then Wilder does.
Good luck Chris, I genuinely hope this is the beginning of something special for you. Take them back to the Premier League.”

“So happy for Chris Wilder, he really deserves this after what he’s done for us. Promotion with Oxford, making them a stable League Two outfit and then keeping us up and this year giving us an absolutely incredible season despite all of the off-field troubles. He’s done what he came to do and now he’s got his dream job and is going home.”

“Wilder seems to build teams around the next league so when looking for sheff Utd players surely he will have an eye on championship quality players.”

“Nothing but respect for the job CW and AK did: avoiding relegation, consolidation, champions. Fantastic season. Those tweeting that he is the greatest ever Cobblers boss are ridiculous. Bowen took the club from fourth tier to first. We’ll never know how far these guys could have taken us.
As for the move to Sheff Utd, the fact that he was happy to see Adkins sacked in order to gain his ‘dream’ job is something for his conscience to deal with.”

“I’m still indebted to Wilder for saving us from relegation to non-league. That was the real achievement and everything since has been a bonus.
A word of warning for Sheffield United though, be prepared for a small bunch of deluded Oxford fans to become obsessed with your team now.”

Oxford Fans

“ Typical Wilder – applying for any job going…
Don’t say we didn’t tell you, Cobblers fans.”

“Why would he stay at NTFC? They are small fry and have limited funds.
The NTFC fans loved him, he couldn’t give a toss about them.”

“CW has always had an hard-on for Sheffield United”

“Yep the dream job for him, but hoping it will be shattered dreams come the end of the season.”

“Will be hilarious when he cocks up at his home club. Can’t wait”

It is the one he always wanted. People might not like the way he has gone about it, the way he left us and the way it looks like he is about to leave Northampton but that is football.
I’m sure he had no intention of joining Charlton, but by showing an interest in that job he made Sheff Utd act.”

“it seems he finally gets the job he always wanted. At least Northampton can see the man for what he really is.”

“Unsurprised to see CW in demand – hope he lands well, not convinced a jump up the leagues will suit his style.”

“Let’s not keep coming back to the ,he joined Northampton as he hadn’t been offered a long deal by lenagan bollocks.
He applied for loads way before that
Sheff Utd
The reason he went to Northampton was they were the only club that said yes. And then he did it illegally, which its sounding like he’s done again as the times don’t add up in what kt and Charlton are saying.”

“Wilder is the exact opposite of Appleton. If Northampton isn’t a bigger club than us then money talked. And it is again now.”

“Wilder’s crime was to leave and better himself – oh and by his success make the haters look like idiots, something they manage effortlessly on their own.
We can take comfort from two things:
(a) the people who pump out this stuff are small in number – just a handful of forum bar flies.
(b) the vast majority of right thinking Oxford fans are grateful to Wilder forhis work with us and wish him well.
Its really that simple.
Wilder has let his success do the talking – doing in reality what forum “experts” can only dream about.
It does amuse me though to witness the tweaked noses and sour grapes of the outraged curmudgeons on here. “

“Every oxford fan is great full for what he achieved with us. Some of us have have our nose far enough removed from his Arse to see what he didn’t achieve as well. Spin it anyway u like, use later achievements to support ur argument if it makes u feel better.

“He is like a slut of managers”

“Wilder talks to Charlton which shows he is willing to leave Northampton.
Wilder goes to Sheffield United to see if they will finally give him a job now he has achieved something in the football league.
Wilder turns down Charlton job.
Sheffield United suddenly sack Adkins.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you Northampton fans!”]

“We al know Wilder has a massive chip. To be sacked by his team will hurt him big time!”

Halifax Fans

”No surprise really.He has had an amazing season.Top manager.”

“Cannot blame him it´s a step up, he has earned it…Good luck.”

“Garbage Wilder! Heard that bellowed out form the south stand a few times during his reign at the Shay. Aspin was clueless and Harveys not the right man to take us forward according to many, some of our fans wouldn’t know a good manager if they slapped them in the face quite honestly. “

“I think the test for him now will be to spend his cash wisely and try and do what countless managers who have a supposidly higher profile than him have failed to do and get them promoted. I wish him all the best (a few loan players wouldn’t go a miss either Chris.) “

“Most fans criticised him when he was at The Shay (even the one”s that liked/rated him.) He had a thankless task to carry out and when you look back he worked miracles. “

“At the time he deserved it. He has proven himself since…………………………..’since’ the word.”

“Wilder’s biggest problem was that it all became stale. He had done a fantastic job but working under ridiculous circumstances had taken its toll. “

“Chris Wilder – Fantastic manager and it went stale “


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