“Duffy won a number of games with superb individual goals, that sort of ability is difficult to find. The sort of player I pay money to watch”

“Duffy beat his man, then check back and want to beat him again, frustrating at times.
I would have him back though, wonder if Nigel is thinking that.”

“Duffy spent the last 10 or so games giving the ball to the opposition and holding on to the ball too long.”

“For me you can never get enough players who can unlock a defence and Duffy is one of them.”

“Duffy could excite and frustrate in equal measure. He has very good close ball control, but not so good decision making. This meant he held the ball too long, when often a first time quick pass was needed. I lost count of the times the simple pass to the backing up Edwards was ignored, then the ball lost.”

“With regards to Duffy. Lets not forget the BCFC fan who came on here a week ago saying well done and asking about Duffy
He was shocked when a few of us said he had done well and said he was nowhere near good enough for them when he played
I think difference between league 2 and league 1 is next to nothing
Difference between those leagues and championship is pretty severe”

“I was interested to see the BCFC fan who came on here to say Duffy was very poor for them and there would be no way they would offer him a new contract. And that he was surprised we would want him.”

“Duffy and his frustrating ability to give the ball away, it just shows how different folks have different views, no doubt Duffy is an occasional match winner, but in my eyes we won’t be able to carry his casual passing a league up.”

“There may well be a clue in the Burton Mail article on Mark Duffy. Nigel didn’t seem a fan of the ‘3 in a car travelling from Liverpool everyday”

By Roy

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