“Gutted by him leaving”

“Pants. I am hoping April fools has been moved to June 1st and nobody has told me.  I am gutted too. “

“I hope we got a good fee for him.  Great crosser. Not so sure about his defending some times. Good move for him.”

“Oh dear…”

“Very suspect last season”

“Defensively no loss at all, but his assists and set pieces were crucial. Always seemed like an absolute tool as well. “

“Au contraire. On the day we got promoted, he opted to spend his time celebrating with the disabled fans at the edge of the pitch rather than with everybody else in the middle. 

A HUGE loss to our club, make no mistake about that. “

“Well I am disappointed to see him go. Fair do’s, we never know the full reasons behind a move and it could be worse – at least we got him tied down to a contract earlier this season that hopefully means we have commanded a bigger fee or any fee at all. Good move for him. Good luck Chris and thanks for the good times.”

“Gutted. Had his bad days but always a threat bombing forward and some of his corners were gems – a few visiting managers commented on the threat he posed. “

“Although his assists are an obvious plus, his defending in the later part of the season was woeful at times. The amount of times I’ve screamed at him ‘stop the bloody cross!’, and this is someone who’s game is all about crossing! “

By Roy

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