“I’m genuinely not bothered he has left. When you needed him to dig in he couldn’t do it. On his day he was very good but Wilson sulks like a baby if he hears anyone say anything he doesn’t want to hear either from a fan or manager”

“attitude stinks”

“Mardarse of the highest order!”

“If J Wilson put as much into his game than he did arguing with his team mates he’d be some player, I’m sorry but your shit mate.”

“He’s soft as shit on the ball and gets bullied. He sulks and blames everyone else”

“Soft as sh t – all opposing centre forwards know it”

“not A James Wilson massive fan or each of his good games he has put in some dire performances also.”

“He’s been dreadful for 18 months”

“if he has a leader of a centre back partner to play alongside, he’s very good. Certainly good enough for a playoff side. If he is expected to be the leader, he’s utter tripe.”

“If sheff Utd have a strong loud bully next to Wilson he will do ok for them, if not he will be shit”

“Hope #sufc have stocked up on nappies/dummies. The lad is a big baby. Even with lack of players I’m sure many are happy to see him go “

“Won’t be missed”

“good prostpect, bit of a moaner though. Will need to be paired with an experienced head to get the most out of him”

“very very very average”

“loves to sulk when he gets told something by fans /manager. Unless he is with an experienced defender who talks he is useless”

“echo others if he has a big loud experienced head next to him he will do alright. If not he will be quite poor.”

“he’s quick and if he has a commanding centre half next to him he looks good, can be lightweight though”

“They will still be in league one next year if this is the calibre of lad they’re signing”

By Roy

One thought on “Oldham Fans View On James Wilson”
  1. A point to note however is that the powers that be offered him a new contract. If he is as bad as some of the Oldham fans say why was the contract offered?

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