“on the whole he was a great player for us last season.”

“Personally think John Fleck is too good for League One. Absolute class act when playing in a team full of confidence”

“Really pissed off”

“Losing Fleck to another League One team is dire”

“Genuinely don’t see us replacing a player like him at this level”

“he was brilliant for most of the season”

“Personally thought he was our best player over the season. When we were playing well he provided (with Vincelot) the drive to get the attack moving. Yes at times he played too deep and contributed to a few goals against by giving the ball away in dangerous areas but I felt he was what made us tick.
Even when we were in the middle of our poor run I still felt the team (as well as TM and the fans) looked to him. He didn’t always deliver but I also felt he didn’t shirk his job.”

“very embarrassed for him , sheff utd not really known as a footballing powerhouse are they
expected a little more from his ambition, like he hasnt learnt , or grateful that we saved his career after dumping from rangers for being a cunt”

“Why would fleck want to go #sufc they play the hit and hope football. he’s better than that!!”

“He’s a class act. Sheffield United are a bigger club than us, that’s a fact right now.”

“What will be great if we get promoted and SUFC don`t
Ive been told this morning that he has been offered a 3 year deal at SUFC on £32K a month and we offered a 2 year deal.(don`t know the salary)”

“It is a strange move, he is going from one under achieving League 1 club to join another in the same situation.
I personally would have stayed here. Clearly Mowbray has a vision and a much better managerial pedigree then Robert Page!”

“Fleck has had one good season out of four. Even at times last year we carried him. Not sure I’ve ever seen him win a tackle either. Would rather have kept him and would have had no problem with him going back to Scotland or moving up a league but Sheffield United???? Really strange. Money talks I guess.”

“Sheffield United what a joke I certainly would give him shit on his Ricoh return,Worry for next season#JUDAS”

“Fuck him if he’s gone there”

“Sideways move which will suit Fleck as it’s his favourite direction.
Joking, he’s a good player but one we’ve already replaced so not gonna get too hung up about it.”

“Was hoping whoever he joined it wouldn’t be a side in this division.”

“IMO hides in too many games will be one of the higher wage earners as well so will free up funds. If he is as good as many fans think he is why is he not in the championship ?.” “good somedays
shite other days
bang average most days”

“Whoever voted Fleck for Player Of The Year obviously only went to the first halves of games”

“it’s hard to tell with Fleck. People always mention how he trains well etc, but can’t get away from the nagging feeling he coasts a little.”

“I feel like you need big tough midfielders in this division and fleck isn’t it. I can’t see why sheffield utd though, must have offered more.”

“We have been carrying him, I have never seen him a decent 60 mins let alone a whole game, average.”

“Not rubbish I don’t believe, but yes, overrated. I would have been very surprised had he gone to the Championship.
When he is on his game he is very talented, but he disappears too easily and very rarely puts in a 90 min performance.
He can’t tackle and he doesn’t score anywhere near enough.”

“Mowbray virtually stated that he was our most important player last season but I think the recent signings indicate a different approach for next season. I don’t think we will be a possession-based team so losing Fleck becomes less of a problem.”

“I am surprised with his goal scoring that he was not snapped up earlier, what’s even more surprising is that we’ve managed to keep him for 4 seasons despite being the best midfielder that the club has had in decades, all other players with such great potential recently we’ve offloaded such as Ctrus, Callum & Madders – maybe just maybe he’s not that good”

“He is average even for League 1.”

“ it might mean the midfield can pass the ball forward and actually make an effort to get into the opposition box.”

“won’t be sorry to see him go. Too hit and miss and if we want to play one touch football and have a bit of pace about us then I don’t think he’s the man.”

“Hardly stand out in this league anyway”

“ I’ve always thought Fleck would be far more effective further up the pitch,”

“I think that last season showed that he had reached his level and I’m not convinced that there’s likely to be any improvement on that.”

“Bit hot and cold is John Fleck but I think he will be a better, more consistent player with better players around him.”

“only played for half the season nearly always passes it backwards and plays way too deep”


By Roy

2 thoughts on “Coventry Fans Views On John Fleck”
  1. Not really a footballing team are we lol FFS who ever wrote this obviously doesn’t know WTF he or she is talking about,we won the league comfortably (100) points and SUFC is a much bigger club than wot Coventry City are they went down in shit loads of debt,Fleck came to bdtbl to achieve is goals and that’s wot he’s done brilliant flecky keep on drinking that iron Bro and drive them RAWW to the promise land UTB ?⚪️⚫️⚔️

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