“Best of luck skipper! The final player from that wonderful day at Wembley has now left for a fresh challenge. His tackle that day when the last man remains the best defensive challenge I have ever seen live. Top bloke”

“been a very decent player for us .”

“ a fantastic leader and a proper OUFC legend”

“Excellent player for us and will always be remembered fondly.”

“Be a great signing for a League 2 club”

“A real indication of how quickly we are moving forward as a club. A proper professional who would do a great job at most L2 clubs.”

“I feel really sad about this news. Always one of my favourite players, I hope we don’t miss his influence on the dressing room as well as on the pitch.”

“he was brilliant for us over 6 years and by all accounts his leadership was big for us last year. “

“It was coming but a huge blow
Not because he was superb on the pitch but what he gave off it.
Never underestimate a man’s potential to lead and pull people together.
We will miss his leadership more than anything. “

“I think the number of injuries he’s had the last few years meant he was never going to be first choice. I thought he improved a lot towards the end of the season as when he started he seemed a bit of a liability – a good blocker but not that good at passing and awareness, but perhaps it is expecting a little too much of a step up from Kidderminster in Conference > League 2 > League 1 in under two years. “

“A true professional and I’ll never forget some of the games he played where he was a man possessed.”

“I’m sure skip will be missed quite a bit behind the scenes, certainly in the dressing room.”

“Great player for us who made a huge contribution to our progress, including his final game where he blocked off a Wycombe defender for Dunkley to get a run in and score. Almost like the changing of the guard.”

“Great player, great leader, great bloke. “

“In my opinion one of the most important players in recent history, leader on and off the pitch despite getting unfair abuse by a small minority of fans at times.”

“Fantastic player who gave his all in every game. I don’t think he ever scored for us but his contribution was huge.”

“Rumours flying around (I personally think the complete opposite as all I’ve heard is good, positive stuff) that he was trying to lead a revolt and cause disharmony in the squad last week.
For me, he was key in the last few weeks of the season and his leadership and performances really helped getting us over the line. Will be missed. A fine player and a proper skipper in more ways than one. “

“He has been a great servant – but I believe hes not quite up to L1”

“I suspect the back injury has also been a factor. This has recurred on a number of occasions, and MApp may well think that he can’t afford to carry even a back-up player who might be injured at just the wrong time.”

“I thought he had one of his most impressive seasons last year”

“Not always been his greatest fan but, he served the club well and certainly brought a stability to the defense and quite obviously had that leadership factor. Wish him well for the future and hopefully his back injury won’t prevent him passing a medical to get a new team.
On his day he was quite a rock and showed some amazing tackling skill. Thank you Jake.”

“Im sorry but you cant have sentiment in football.
Jake is a good league 2 centre back,league 1 not so sure.”

“don’t think he is as good as everyone says he is, yes he was our skipper but I think there where time when I watched and thought is he there on merit or reputation tenner wilder bought him from Brighton to play conference football how come he was still captain when we where trying to get promotion when personally I think there where better players suited to the job only my opinion”

“He was crap anyway”

By Roy

One thought on “Oxford Fans Views On Jake Wright”
  1. Oxford calling…
    Jake Wright has been great for us, very inspirational in the dressing room and on the pitch, however he is very injury prone and we have let him go because we have signed better. Good luck for the season, looking forward to coming up there.

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