“Clarke is a special talent at this level, and his presence could keep us in this division, or help another team get out of it. He’s been at a hell of a lot of clubs, and went through a lot with us last season so hopefully he’ll stick around as I don’t see us replacing him adequately.”

“He kept us up no doubt but the future of the club is more important and it be a big earner off the wage bill”

“Leon is one of the best in the division for scoring goals and well worth his salt. “

“I would say £250,000 is way to cheap for a proven goalscorer in this league, we should be pushing for at least £400,00 to £500,000, for a player of his proven ability”

“The player is 31, if we can sell him now for a decent price than I say sell. I will miss his ability in front of goal but his wage off the bill and a decent transfer fee will do the book balancing no harm.”

“Failing to adequately replace him in the event of him leaving could well be the difference between staying up reasonably comfortably and relegation in the coming season.”

“we haven’t had someone as reliable in front of goal as Clarke since Lowe’s first spell and I just don’t believe we could anything like replace him now.”

“Just looked at the stats for last year and only Grigg and Ajose had a higher % of shots on target”

“Well I am sorry to hear this. Apart from his goals, Leon’s flicks’n’tricks, his speed around the defenders and his reliability has been first class and quite contrary to the reputation he had when he came here, his application. Perhaps there are things we don’t know about but it is a big hole to fill. There are a number of strikers by the number who have the physical attributes but fail on the mental side. I’m sure I don’t have to point out any recent examples. I am hoping Flickers has got an equal or better replacement as, at this level, Leon is the business. “

“Clarke was immense last season”

“Clarke was huge for us last season”

“At actually hitting the net with precision he’s up there with best we’ve had.    Lowey scored some lucky bobblers.     Madden and Carter could poach amazingly well.  I don’t think Leon has been a poacher for us like those two/three.   But a cold blooded Marksman in control when his moment came.  See ya Leon.  Glad you dropped in and played for us. You’ve been a good un”

“Although I think we all knew it was coming this past week, I’m gutted. Big job to find a replacement”

“Even though it seemed inevitable it’s still gonna hurt for a while. There’s a fine line between pessimism and realism and I honestly think that this sale makes us odds on for relegation. People are entitled to disagree. For the record there is absolutely no ill-feeling towards Leon here – a great move for him. “

“I can’t work out whether or not Knill is being deliberately perverse because of past history with us or this is an example of how some clubs actually do business.   Clarke is talented however he must also be coming to the end of his career at this level.  For a club with ambitions to get into the Championship and with their resources, I would have expected SU to be able to move on after their initial bids were rejected.  Maybe it’s just me however I now get the impression this situation is getting personal.  As for Clarke – if his head has been turned maybe it’s time to bring in someone who wants to play for us and progress his career, but only if we’re paid his true valuation.  As a fan I’ll be grateful to him for his massive contribution in keeping us in league 1, however if he wants to move on (and his reputation doesnt show longevity at any level) we have to let go but not at just any knockdown price.  SU and Knill in particular are doing themselves no favours whatsoever here. “

“We got a decent season out of him. Think it could of been better with personal issues and injuries. Think we got the best out of him as I think he needs to be loved and can quiet easily go out of games. He’ll be at a bigger club now with more fans watching his every move. He won’t have it easy.,but good luck to him. Pretty sure he’ll be out the door next summer at Sheffield Utd so if we’ve got a decent fee for him could be a good deal for us if get a decent replacement.”

By Roy

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