“I’d say £500,000 is pretty good for Moore.”

“Now this is a sale that most can agree on surely!!?? £500k looks like good business to me.
He’s just way too prone to serious, costly mistakes”

“Not too disappointed with this. He’s had plenty of chances but never taken them.”

“Big mistake to sell Moore”

“I thought we would have got a bit more for him if I’m honest he’s still young and English which for some reason always ups the players price”

“IMO we should get a sell on clause if we only want £500k”

“Moore is good enough to be a Championship goalie and we need him him as fantastic back up to Marshall.”

“What I’ve seen of him I don’t think he is that fantastic”

“Moore is a League One goalkeeper, that’s all. Nowhere near good enough for the Championship. He’s had so many chances to prove he’s good enough and not taken them.”

“I think that’s very harsh and unfair on Moore, Moore never had a consistent run of games for us and it must have been difficult for him to fill in knowing as soon as our captain, Marshall was fit again, he would be dumped back out of the team.
Moore needed a consistent run of games, he never had that with us, so I don’t think it’s fair for us to judge him. It’s not as if Marshall hasn’t made his fair share of mistakes, but when you follow up a mistake with half a dozen decent games, all is forgotten. Moore never had that opportunity, but I still think he will go on to be a decent keeper.
There must have been a reason why David James tipped him to be a future England number 1”.

“Moore is no where near a Championship Goalkeeper, has cost us a few times when he has played.”

“ Decent keeper. He’s unlucky that David Marshall is so good. Will do well for them”

“Ill take £500,000 for a average back up goalkeeper all day.”

“ you go back and look at the games he’s actually played, how many of them didn’t Moore directly cost us a goal ? He filled the centre backs with fear, not confidence and his distribution is frankly awful. He could play for the England riugby team such is his ability to find touch with his goal kicks !!
Even his most recent game against Rovers he simply should have saved that speculative shot.
He is a great shot stopper, but there are plenty of those about. If anyone even thinks he is a top half of the Championship keeper either now or in the future they are sadly deluded.”

“He needs more first team game time experience and I think that he will then develope well. Good luck to him.”

“Another bad move by this f**k up of a club.”

“Good business, as long as sell on clause. Moore filled me with no confidence.”

By Roy

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