Portsmouth Fans

“Guarenteed goals”

“don’t score many but work rate top notch”

“He’ll run himself into the ground and create space for others”

“wanted him back the minute he left”

“Feel like if we could’ve kept Lavery last season would all be different”

“All went to pot when we lost Lavery”

“can’t help think we’ve actually gone down hill since Lavery left”

“Until Lavery departed we looked dangerous every time we had possession. It’s Lavery’s departure (in my opinion) that seems to have nullified our goal threat. We are sorely missing his energy and his ability to open opposition defenses.”

“We did look threatening with McNulty playing and with Lavery stretching the play. “

“I think our best play was with him in the team”

“Lavery and McNulty were lethal together  last season.”

“They Paid money we can’t afford”  

Wednesday Fans

“Be a good signing for them tbh, will be nice to see Lavery playing again – he’a definitely got ability.”

“He’d do well for them. Which is why I’d rather he went elsewhere!”

“Good move for them but not for him. They certainly won’t be chasing promotion this season.”

“Fair play, good signing i reckon and good luck to him”

“Be a decent move for him, an even better move for them as hes a good replacement for che adams. I honestly think he was always a little over rated on here though to be honest hes too good for league one but a poor championship player mid table league 1 is about right for him at the moment.”

“Pleased he has found a club albeit them.    At Hillsborough circumstances dictated that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, through injury and a new regime. He comes across as a good honest professional and it wont be long before he’s in their first team. “

“A lot of talent but won’t play here.”

“Good move for him, hes rotting here. As much as we all dislike them, they will be up there in league one so a very sensible decision “

“May be decent in L1, but apart from the occasional decent performance not up to the Championship.”

“Would rather him go there than Barnsley or Rotherham. They’re our local rivals this year. Blades are irrelevant. “

“Come on folks show some charity, the Blades need a helping hand to get them out of the pub league. Besides if Lavery does well you know THEY will sell so if there is a healthy sell-on clause it could work out well.”

“it would be a good move for him and a very good signing for the pigs. He’s quick, skilful and works hard. He’s definitely good enough to play at the top end of league 1, but he needs a good run in a team. He’s raw and his inexperience does show.”

“Much prefer him to sign for anyone but United, hard working player who would improve them.”

“Clarke and Lavery would be a great combo in that league IMO. “

“The lads not showed hes good enough for league one yet. I’m not really sure he’d improve them to be honest.”

“Blunts getting back to their roots, having to use Wednesday cast offs “

“The gap between us is so huge now and I love it! Attempting to sign a player who hasn’t played in some time for us just shows this. A distant memory Tevez sending them down “

“He’s gonna score a few in league 1 if he’s given game time.”

“Not a very good player”

“Agent Clarke and Agent Lavery our  new dream team at the stain!”

By Roy

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