“Good move for him”

“Hope he goes permanently”

“They haven’t long got rid of Neill Collins so needed to fill the breach with the exact same player.”

“Hope EEL does well and they can buy him permanently. Good luck Ethan.”

“Neill Collins was great compared to EEL”

“Collins last touch for Wolves – Thumping penalty in the top corner
EEL – Red Card
EEL will do well at that level. Some decent performances for us in League 1, mainly at right back”

“EEL was fine in League 1 and will do a decent job back there.”

“at that level he is fine”

“Good move, could be a good player with regular game time”

“Should give him 1st team action at a level he’s more than capable at”

“Hope that’s landell gone for good”

“Think Ebanks-Landell move to Sheff Utd would be good for both him and them. Slightly out of depth in Champ but will do job in L1”

By Roy

One thought on “Wolves Fans View On Ethan Ebanks-Ladell”
  1. Wow a few bitter dingles lol…get a life saddo’s he is with a proper team now not one that takes the baggies rejects

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