“He is just returning from injury, and will perhaps struggle to get back into the team, because of the reliability and form of others, but his chance will come again, and I believe he is capable of reclaiming a place in the team. I don’t think he has looked out of place so far in the Championship. The fact is whilst we perhaps lack expensive so called stars in the team, we have a very strong squad, thanks to our manager.”

“Brayford, supposedly was in no real form at Sheffield United, but took a pay cut to come here and knows that Nigel gets the best out of him. He is hardly training by all accounts but still keeps churning out the performances for a manager that he respects so much.”

“When Brayford got injured in the first playoff semi final for Sheff Utd,Clough said he would have preferred that Swindon had scored 2 more goals than losing Brayford ,
It proved to be a long term injury,and Brayford needs to be protected from himself,still recovering it seems”

“Brayford==Ward–Ogrady brilliant loan players,all injury prone,and need care,a reason we got them. Brayford is not training”

“The back three were better than solid but I’d say Brayford just edged it”

“how sheff utd dont think brays isnt worth a place is amazing.”

“I think it is more likely that Brayford will move permanently in January and O’Grady and Ward, subject to our position in the League and the realistic possibility of staying up.
I hope so.”

“I was speaking to a Sheff u season ticket holder last week who is reasonably close to the club. His view was that he is the highest paid player at the club, they have got decent cover in that position, freeing him up meant they could bring in two other players, unlikely to be able to bring him back this season but if they get promoted then they would definitely want him back. I think when you also factor in Brayfords view which would surely be stay in Burton for the season then I think it is unlikely he will go back and unlikely they would sell him to us in January.”

By Roy

One thought on “LOAN UPDATE: Burton Fans Views On John Brayford”
  1. I’m a blade, we really don’t want Brayford back. Our other right backs are just as good/ better and are paid about 1/4 of what he is. Better off under Clough

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