“McNulty hasn’t done a thing during his opportunities”

“McNulty cant seem to be in a position to even get a shot away”

“What has he brought to the table so far? Admittedly not had many games but for me, he’s this season’s Luke James or even Wes Thomas. He’s been here nearly 7wks and McCall clearly hasn’t seen anything from him to force his inclusion in front of the mis-firing Clarke or Hiwula”

“never got a sniff of goal, not helped by poor service at times.
Overall, looked ok in patches but lack of shots on target says a lot.”

“Awful. Disinterested and offered absolutely no attacking edge.”

“He was terrible”

“Oh, are we writing McNulty off now?
He’s not the solution because he’s missed one good chance?”

“Marc McNulty has scored 57 goals in 174 games.
You could basically see that outside of Peterborough wasting money on Luke James that he wasn’t a goalscorer.
You can see that Marc McNulty is a goalscorer.
Those stats aside, focussing on Bradford City performances, I’ve seen maybe 180 minutes of McNulty and it’s clear beyond doubt he’s leagues ahead of Luke James. He’s already looked better than Hiwula, in my eyes, and I’d be stunned if he doesn’t get a good run of form in the City team and start scoring goals.
He is exactly what we’ve lacked and for anyone to say he isn’t or he should return to Sheffield United is just crazy. You don’t get rid of someone after an impressive handful of appearances”

“On paper McNulty is our most proven goal scorer. He needs a run of games. If it doesn’t work atleast we’ve given him a chance.”

“Mcnulty with a bit more service will score goals.”

“McNulty was making great runs, screaming for the ball and pointing where he wanted the ball playing, but the ball never came”

“poor. Took his goal well but apart from that did nothing”

“Marc should be first name on the team sheet”

“Didn’t do a great deal tonight, but how cool was he in front of goal?!
Not seen someone take a one on one like that since Nahki”

“Great finish. He looked confident from the moment he picked up the ball.
Didn’t think he did anything at all apart from that – in fact I barely remember him touching the ball – but if he’s going to be clinical like that then who cares? “  

“Clearly a talented forward, and one the likes of whom we’ve lacked, and the more we involve him the better it will be for us.”

By Roy

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