“I think before his injury Joe Riley was the best performer for the u23s. He has been superb in every game.”

“I’d love him to get a chance. Certainly better going forward than Darmian.”

“If Shaw and Blind aren’t getting a start, I would much rather Joe Riley over Darmian. “

“For sure and I hope so too. You can even see in the u23s with him missing how important he is in attack. And people will try downplay the importance or the impact of a fullback but we just have to look at the short spells the youth fullbacks got last season and how their attacking impetus improved the side. The fact is that fullbacks need to attack and are very important to a side, especially one that is trying to be a top side. We can’t accommodate fullbacks who aren’t going to contribute going forward.
I thought he was superb in his two outings for the first team last year too and is certainly ready for it. I’d also say despite CBJ being impressive for the first team last year I would rate Riley higher. CBJ does have a good whipping cross which come to think of it would probably be well utilized by Zlatan up top but I still think Riley’s pace, energy, directness, and willingness to constantly get up and down the pitch gives him a better attacking output. Then in defence his pace and strength give him a boost on CBJ and he is good in the tackle as well. I think CBJ’s timidness holds him back a bit. Both good players but I’d give Riley the edge personally”

“A player that gets me excited. Its a good thing. Common boy. Let see some run up and down the left side a la Denis Irwin. A left back that can past opponent players and good with the ball. Reasons to get excited.”

“He has been so good this season. Was really hoping he’d get a chance in the first team.”

“got some seroius wheels on him.. and skillful..”

“Riley start out as a winger. So you can see why he is good to going forward and pass opponent players”

“Joe Riley is not a left back.You can see why Riley can pass players easily and why he is good in the offensive? Start out and play most as winger has created the player he is now. Alot of pace with the ball and ability to pass players. And Riley natural foot is right. You dont see him cross with the left foot playing as a left back.”

“I know Riley is a natural winger. Never excited over his defensive ability and play as a left back.”

“You know I remember him playing midfield for the u18s but I think he will be one of those utility players who would do a good job in a number of positions. I like him.”

“I always like attacking full backs who have flair and that skill to beat a man. God i miss Rafael. Anyways this lad seems like he has got it. Alongside Varela they aren’t fazed when one on one with an opponent. I like these young lads. “

“only a loan I hope ! We want him back at Man Utd, big future.”

“Hope United don’t let him leave permanently” “Was great when he played for the first team & I’m sure he will be our starting LB later down the line”

By Roy

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