“Is there another player in the entire football league who divides opinions of his own teams fans as much as James Hanson? I doubt it”

“Hanson is the Marmite of football”

“don’t know quite what to make of that,just hope a decent replacement is lined up”

“I still quite like him and I think he would be an asset for any club as a target man but maybe it’s time to move on?”

“Seems weird that Sheff Utd would spend what would have to be at least a bit of money on a striker who struggles to get in a low scoring team and has scored 4 goals this season when you would think they could have their pick of many more.
It’s been done to death how limited a player he is but I think he’d do well with Sharp along side him, maybe that’s Wilder’s thoughts.”

“Imagine Hanson & Sharp Partnership.. scary at this level!”

“Just imagine what a partnership hanson an sharp would be . just Wish it was for us an not Sheff Utd”

“We must be Mental even considering letting Hanson go”

“An absolutely shocking goals-for column and we’re selling out best striker. Madness”

“Think I trust the views of the multiple football managers who want James Hanson in their teams over the Bradford fans who want rid!”

“To be fair we’re constantly told opposition managers are worried about him pre-match and rave about him post-match.”

“Blade fan on radio. Doesn’t want Hanson “he hasn’t done owt @ Bfd”

“their own fans don’t rate him” Twitter football brain!!”

“Hanson always going to cause defenders problems which is y opposition managers often rate him. He has strengths but time to move on!”

“Any bradford city fans who slate James hanson are on crack in my opinion he’s been fantastic for bradford”

“The word legend gets thrown around but Hanson is one. Unmatchable presence, iconic goals and a local boy. Very tough boots to fill”

“Gutted about Hanson. If he goes then Sheff Utd have got themselves a great player for this league. He will be sorely missed by most Bradford fans”

“don’t get what wilder (won league 2 last year and is going to win league 1 this) see’s in Hanson the experts at VP slate him everyweek”

“All the Hanson haters suddenly changing there colours now he’s off personally I’ll gutted to see him go”

“Never been a Hanson fan so happy to see him move on but he has scored some vital goals for us & been a good servant, time to go tho!”

“Good for the club. Gone stale over last 2 seasons. Don’t remember his last run of good form. Good luck to him at Sheffield.”

“Hanson has been superb for us but if we’re aiming for promotion we need better.”

“I like Hanson as an impact striker, someone to bring off the bench. Not starting XI material in league one though IMO”

“James Hanson has been great for Bradford but he seems to be injured more often than not nowadays.”

“he’s permanently crocked” “About time we got shut of that donkey. Always injured”

“He is no way better than the strikers at sheff utd”

“Hanson would be 5th/6th(?) choice striker at SU? What’s the point?”

“Why on earth would blades want Hanson when they have 4 strikers better than him?” “He hasn’t scored for 9 games”

“James Vaughan scored four goals in one game Hanson has only managed 4 in half a season”

“Thank fuck he’s gone”

“what better way to scupper the blades title charge than to give them hanson.
we will venture to the blades forum in a months time and they will all be wondering why billy sharp cannot read his flick ons”

“predict we won’t miss him at all.
The only thing some will pine for is the “myth of Hanson”. All those unquantifiable things he does that can never be proved and actually amount to the square root of f all”

“He has chewed through enough strike partners now.
lets move on and not keep searching for someone to partner that donkey.”

“He’s not what he was and not good enough anymore.”

“Our best striker my arse. He’s fucking shit. Couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. Good riddance.”

“Mike Dean is the James Hanson of the refereeing world….everyone thinks he’s class but he’s actually shite “

“Anybody out tonight to celebrate the Hanson news?”

By Roy

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