“With the form Ben Whiteman is showing he must rank as one of the best loan signings the club has ever made.”

“Lad is immense”

“He’s been nominated for League 2 player of the month”

“Whiteman is far too good for league 2”

“Whiteman is class, if we’ve got money to throw around forget anyone else, throw it at shef united and him, he is quality that in my opinion centre midfield wise we haven’t seen since paul Holland”

“I think Sheff U getting promoted is our only hope of keeping him.
For the first time in my life I’m thinking “Come on you blades”

“If I were JR I’d be flying my helicopter to Bramall Lane right now and offering the £300k that was offered for Watkins for Whiteman, irrespective of whether he’s got 3 years, 3 months, 3 days or 3 seconds left on his contract – and as many goes in the helicopter as they want.”

“whiteman is just a class above anyone at this level and he was probably our least high profile signing”

“He’s too good for League 2, only chance we have is both the Blades and ourselves go up. I doubt he would sign for us now, even if he could.”

“I heard ‘whitemans on fire, your defence is terrified’ quite a few times”

“He’s White
He’s a man
It’s Benjamin Whiteman
He gets the ball
Scores a goal
Benjamin Whiteman”

“What about.. to the tune of Mighty Quinn .. Come All Without, Come All Within
You’ll Not See Nothing Like Ben Whiteman.”

“Whiteman has missed a hatful between them in the last 4”

“I can cut Whiteman some slack as he is very young and his overall performances have been excellent.”

By Roy

One thought on “Loan Update: Mansfield Fans View On Ben Whiteman”
  1. Certainly someone we old in the highest regard. That said, Chris Wilder will re evaluate his midfield for next season and we think Whiteman will come under consideration to start. Sorry Stags, he’s a Blade..

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