Wycombe Fans

“Never had any complaints about Jamal, definitely one of the better keepers we have had in the league”

“Blackman was exceptional for League 2.”

“I confess to sharing his misgivings mid-season about Jamal Blackman but came to appreciate just how good he was becoming”

“Blackman kept us in games last season”

“not all young goalkeepers are as good as Blackman.”

“Made a lot of mistakes early doors last season”

“I’d warrant Blackman saved us far more points over the course of the season than he ever cost us.”

“the fact he’s so obviously extremely talented made it even more frustrating when he had bad games as you knew he definitely could do better and wasn’t just incapable.
His goalkeeping ability is far above league two standard, and his concentration, consistency and confidence are only going to keep improving the more games he plays.”

“Weve not lost out two best players on Blacman and Pierre”

“Blackman is the best goalkeeper we’ve had since Taylor. “

“Great signing for them”

“Wish him well”

“Thought he was going to Bolton. I wonder who changed their mind?”

“ Blades a ‘bigger’ club?”

Chelsea Fans

“What ever happend toBlackman ?”

“Absolutely no reason he should be sitting on our bench when Championship teams would jump at the chance to play him week in week had. He had over 50 appearances this season if I’m not mistaken.”

“That was in league 2, what makes you think championship sides would jump at the chance to play him?”

“blackman has a lot of potential”

“Blackman is a great 3rd keeper to have.”

“Blackman is an horrific keeper”

“how is blackman terrible when he won young player of the year at wycombe?”

“ Wycombe are a league two side, getting YPOTY there doesn’t trump the CL and international experience Eduardo has.”

“Shame we never have any decent keepers coming through the youth team who wouldn’t mind being 2nd choice. Best we’ve probably got is Blackman but even he’s pretty pants.”

“Remember when Bamford was on loan at Borough andB lackman was in goal – not very successfully!”

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