“Seen this guy a couple,of,times, u18’s final at SB and U21’s at Staines and he looks impressive, let hope he doesn’t go the way of Caulker, who I thought would be England and Spurs captain for years, BT let ego get in the way and money of course, CCV and KYle Walker Peters look real,potential”

“CCV seems to be good technically whilst pretty much matching Caulker physically. I don’t know whether it’s because of the facilities or we’re just getting lucky but we seem to have pretty much the best academy in England right now, which is incredible (well, alongside Chelsea, but their youngsters are mostly poached from other sides so our accomplishments are more impressive).”

“Looks superb for his young age”

“He’s a physical beast that’s for sure. Looks almost more like an American “football” player. Probably has a lot to do with why Poch thinks he can be a world beater.”

“Have seen him play with the US U20 and U23 national team. Usually the youngest player on the team, starting and playing well. He and the Miazga, who is 20 and just signed with Chelsea, are the future CB pairing for the US.”

“he’s 7-8 years from his prime as a CB. he really needs a championship loan to get regular minutes. worst case scenario he’ll be a championship level CDM one day.”

“Both Wimmer and CCV have started twice in the EFL Cup and there was little to choose between them. Wimmer was beaten too easily by Sturridge and Origi several times from a position where he was in control, CCV made some naive mistakes getting (like getting dragged towards the ball on the first goal) but then he’s just 18. Wimmer is 5 years older and didn’t really look it, he made some bad mistakes too.”

“He put in an absolutely woeful display against PSG in Pre-Saeson
Would not like to see player like him even 2nd substitute to CB. Throughout the half marking was just not there at all and the first goal… how naive was that movement?. Hopefully some coaches can work their magic on CCV, currently he rather seems to be on the course to become MLS player…”

“He’s still only 19, which is pretty young for a defender. Was all over the place against PSG, though. I’d agree that in this case a loan would really help him out, as defending really needs experience, and he hasn’t had much of that at all.”

“He is a 19 year old defender playing a pretty close 1st choice PSG attackers, give him a break. Yes he didnt look good, but what 19 year old defenders do?”

“He carries a lot of weight in his upper body, and it’s muscle, not fat, so there’s not much he can do to remove it. It’s not the ideal build for a football player of this type. He’d be great for American football, but I doubt he’ll ever be quick enough to play soccer/football at the top level. He’s just at a huge disadvantage. He reminds me of Altidore in that way. Of course Alderweireld is slow too right? But it’s different. He’s slow over distance but he has a quick first step. CCV is the opposite. He’s fast once he gets going. but his first step will never be great.”

“He runs a bit like Paul McGrath, as if his hamstrings are tight which prevent him taking a full stride. He’s an OX but maybe he needs to learn to run a bit more efficiently.”

“I don’t rate him, Steven Caulker x2”

“Not to pile on, but I’ve always thought he was wildly overrated. I mentioned last year when people were debating that he was better than Wimmer. My argument was not CCV won’t get anywhere near the US team, but Wimmer would likely at least challenge for a starting spot. That is a massive disparity and it shows in his play. He’s young though so hopefully his best is yet to come.”

“I think Cameron Carter-Vickers is a carthorse and will never make it at Spurs”

“I’ve had many chances to now watch Carter-Vickers in person and I haven’t seen any sort of progression for a while. I don’t know if I’m missing something or what, but he continues to make really rookie mistakes. It’s a little concerning, but not the end of the world cause he’s still young and I’m sure that Pochettino will be able to get him to a higher level given some more time.”

“He hasn’t really impressed me in the matches he played, could do with a loan.”

“I hope CCV develops into a wonderful centre half, I just can’t see it at the moment. He looks slow and hesitant. You can forgive hesitation in a novice, but not inertia.”

“Carter-Vickers needs to sort out his distribution. If you don’t see a forward pass, move it on to somebody else, don’t stand there looking at it.”

“He has been dreadful and lost on the field, passing is okay but no composure under the pressure”.

“Akinfenwa bullied him when we played Wycombe, and didn’t lose a header all afternoon. He had a shocker against Akinfenwa, and luckily for him he had to go off injured.”

“Its no surprise that a man weighing 4000kg managed to batter the fuck out of a teenager with no exerience.
I think the people that thought CCV would cope with fat boy, also thought that Wycombe were not an Ozzy Rules team”

The lad needs to play perhaps more than anyone. Looked terrified when he has played for first team. I’ve watched him play so many times for the academy, where he was an immaculate footballer. He was also a great leader on the pitch too. If ever there was an example of not getting the mental side of the “big game” right than its him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his ability.




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