“ The prime instigator of Mansfields first goal was Reed, and everything else was a consequence of him instinctively turning back towards his own goal. I’ve praised him since I first saw him, as probably our most skilful player, but I really hope Jack can reverse the passing sideways and back mentality that, I agree, has been coached into him. On Saturday, when he received that ball, there was a huge space in front of the Mansfield defence that he could have moved into, but he instinctively looked to go back. Jack has worked miracles to get us playing as we are, now he must wave a magic wand over Reed to turn him into an excellent attacking midfielder frightening opposition defenders instead of putting his own under pressure.”

“Absoulutly a spot on assesment of Reed imo”

“Reed does try hard but I would rather have a bigger dynamo in midfield a bit like Morsy.”

“I thought the Exeter game was the best I had seen Reed play but I wouldn’t want him as a permanent signing. While he shows some good skills I don’t feel it compensates enough for him being lightweight.”

“Just to send him back to Bramall Lane? Nah, bring in someone permanent…developing other teams’ fringe players really rankles with me unless they are pretty much nailed on to become our players. Is there any likelihood of that?”

“Had too much sideways passing coached into him. The amount of times he gives the ball away in dangerous areas and sets up a counter attack for the opposition is alarming.”

“every time reed got a bit of pressure on him he just wanted rid of it”

“looking a very good signing playing under a decent manager.”

“Reed was fantastic today”

“Read was my motm having his best game so far.”

“Decent game. Some nice touches. Thankfully didn’t make one of his horrible crossfield ball errors.”

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