“Would anyone else like to see Whiteman start?
The team have been playing quite well recently and this question is not meant as a criticism
I just feel that Whiteman always looks positive when he plays
It seems a waste to have him sat on the bench”

“Some would argue that he needs to wait his turn, I would argue that we need that enthusiasm rubbing off on other players quickly if we are to be inventive, inspired and winning games now.
He has the skill let’s see what he can bring to the team on a regular basis”

“He is not as good as the players who are playing in the positions he has played in this year, and he is not as good a footballer  as Rowe,Coppinger,or Rodney to get a chance further up field unless we suffer injuries.
    So it is a no from me unless forced on us, or we change the formation to shoe  him in again, another no from me.
  He is a good back up player,probable starter if we revert to a four at the back(unlikely at the moment) and will have to wait his chance and show more in his game creatively when he gets the chance.”

“far better than Rodney(dave)”

“he’s not performed as well as I’d have liked a lot of the time, needs to add more end product.  He’s only done it in one or two games.”

“We won’t start winning games til we start shooting, and when WhIteman is on he does just that and sometimes scores.”

“There isn’t much between him and Dave. I’d have Whiteman purely because he’s shown he’s better in front of goal and let’s face it……we need some goals.”

“He certainly has more of a goal threat when in and around the box but there are other duties to perform.”

“I genuinely don’t realise he’s playing half the time.
But then I’m sure he’s meant to be playing further forward, and we’re using him as a holding player.”

“a better manager would use him how he’s meant to be used rather than try and shoehorn him in…”

“he’s totally anonymous most of the time, yet when he does get forward he goes and scores or makes something happen. Funny, that.”

“some games is match winner and other games entirely invisible. No consistency.”

“The Blunts are in a bit of a poor run , . My concern is the January window could see the looking at their squad and Whiteman may be come into their thinking”

“The Blades need a replacement for Coutts. I don’t think Whiteman fits that particular bill.”

“The blunts manager said a few weeks ago that it was a done deal till end of season”

“He’s not yet good enough for a team aiming for the top 6 in the Championship.”

“He’s barely been good enough for us at times. Potential but lots of work to do.”

“He’s not good enough for a team looking to survive in L1”

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