“The player has expressed his desire to move to a higher level and yet, all credit to him, he has continued to give his all. The poor sod is having to endure performing to prop up a side undeserving of his ability or commitment.”

“Lenny would easily step up to Championship level, nothing short of what he deserves. Just a shame it will very unlikely be with us. Hate to say it but Sheff Utd would be a good fit for him given their style of play”

“He is worthy of playing at a higher level, and for me better than Sheffield United, and he should seize the opportunity given to him. He has done more than enough to justify his salary with us and owes us nothing. I bet he would be pleased to think we also got a fee for him.”

“Bye bye Ryan. Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism. I look forward to your rise to the top. One word of caution though, don’t go to Sheffield united. You are better than that now and will be a lot better in the future.”

“Sheffield United will be a good fit for him and in Chris Wilder he’ll be working under an up and coming manager, it wouldn’t surprise me to see both in the Premiership in the next couple of seasons.”

“All i can say is i believe if they do sign Leonard ,he will not only be good in the championship but also in the premiership should they attain that.”

“Good luck Lenny you’ve been awesome from day 1 ( i still remember the screamers you scored in your first matches at Dartford & Gt Wakering!)…. and reckon your speed and strength will establish you as a premier league player within 18 months. I personally think your best position is attacking right back and hope you will soon be challenging the likes of Kyle Walker, Nathan Clyne & Jo Gomez as England’s number 2. Thinking about it , it was Sheff Utd who sold on Walker and Kyle Naughton for millions not too many years ago so thats the right club to show your progress at!”

“Lenny gets in my all time side of the last 30 years. A true professional the likes only come along to Southend once every few years. I don’t want him to go but I am realistic and would love to see him playing in the Prem in a few years time and who knows even pulling on an England shirt, is he as good as a Eric Dier at Spurs, in a much better team than ours would be very interesting.”

“Since the end of August four significant things have happened:
1. Lenny has continued to play exceptionally well but has also proved his superb character by not sulking thus making himself more valuable.
2. Sheffield United have given themselves a shout for the riches of the Premier and are more likely to speculate to accumulate.
3. Coutts, who is excellent, is out for the season and they have probably wised up to the fact that Lundstram is nothing like a decent replacement but Lenny most certainly is.
4. Our cakewalk to the Championship hasn’t started and here is chance to recoup some of the cash that has been splashed.
For all of these reasons we should be able to drive a hard bargain.
Certainly Lenny deserves a crack at the big time just like Chrissie Powell was given after two hundred plus games with us.
Two terrific servants.
Good luck Lenny.”

“I get the impression there was more than one team interested in him.”

“And so there should be”

“I would be dumbfounded if I found that Sheffield United and Millwall were the only clubs interested or even the best clubs he could attract.”

“Sheffield United deserve praise for how they’ve gone about this as their desire to land the player has clearly paid off.
Make no mistake, there would be Championship interest in Leonard but he obviously appreciates how much Chris Wilder and the Blades want to sign him and that will be the key to sealing this transfer.”

“Lenny has been one of my favourite players for a while. A lot of footballers in his position would have had a massive strop, refused to play or not put any effort on the pitch. I have seen no change in his game since the talks began. He obviously wants to leave for a bigger team and money so I have the upmost respect for him when he does go. He is a big player and an integral part of our team. We will miss him and will find it extremely difficult to replace him with someone as good as him.”

“we ONLY have a chance with him in the team of promotion.”

“Sell Lenny and very close call if we get relegated!”

“In all honesty Lenny is our team. His defensive covering is immeasurable. His engine is superb. The rest of our midfield will be shown up without him. Looking over our shoulders without him. Looking up with him”

“He covers an awful lot of sins in the current set-up.”

“Deserves better than carrying a team full of over the hill veterans on far higher wages than him to a mid table/top half finish.”

“The fact is that Lenny is one of the best midfielders outside the Championship”

“I personally am a Lenny fan and would love him to stay but if given the opportunity to play at a higher level he should take it. He deserves the chance and has been a good servant to the club”

“You’ve got it all wrong Sheffield he does nothing in the midfield he’s rubbish, he’s injured, he’s overrated, now on your way, bye bye, leave us alone nothing to see here”

“Lenny isn’t irreplacable but his departure would mean a complete rethink of the balance in midfield. A holding central midfield player and another more defensively minded player.”

“I like Lenny, but i’m not overly convinced he is a player that we absolutely cannot lose, when i think back to all the other good standard midfielders weve had then sorry, he doesnt stand out that much. Of course right now he does stand out because our midfield blows hot and minus cold every fornight and Lenny is at least consistant with his displays and gives 100 % and by no means do i think there is not a good player in there.”

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