Wolves Fans

“Sort of player that would flourish under a manager like Wilder. Always liked him myself, looks like he could be a good centre mid in this league, and recently broke into the Welsh team. Had a very good start of the season at Wigan.
Can be a bit of a c*** too though. A few years ago we rejected a bid from Watford for him and he refused to play for us over it. Since then I think his career at Wolves has been over.”

“Lee Evans is a top signing for Blades at that price. Seen him dominate games at this level.”

“I’m surprised Wigan aren’t matching that, he’s done really well for them.
He will have a decent championship career IMO”

“They maybe matching it but then who would you sign for Wigan or Sheff Utd!!”

“Good move for him.
I would be happy with this if we have a sell on. He is still young enough to get better.”

“Has a lot of talent and will end up being a very decent Championship player.”

“I agree that he will definitely have a decent Championship career, you only have to look at some of his performances to see that the talent is there. It is just that he has lacked the consistency to do this over a run of games but that hasn’t been helped by him not being a regular in the side.”

“He was smashing it in L1 so I think he’s improved since he was last in a wolves shirt.
He is a decent player but as others have said we’re aiming higher now.
I think he’ll do well at the blades”

“He will do well at the blades. Talented player when he wants to be. Decent work ethic. Very technical and fancy good passer just not on the same level as Neves I’m afraid. Only in his own mind.. No doubt this move could get his career moving. Teams have paid a lot more for far worse. Good luck Lee. Another one to go with Clarke and Stearman for the blades “

“Saw Lee have some brilliant games in a Wolves shirt, but equally have some very poor games too. No doubt he’s got a bit of ability, just not maybe the consistency that would make him a top player. Definitely think he’ll be a good Championship player over his career though.”

“Another who will be an ok championship player (like Savile and others) but not going to get a game for us now. Good move all round.”

“Brought for £250k sold for £750k and has only ever looked good in L1? Good business for us, Sheffield United like a home for ex-wolves”

“Good luck to him, but we’ve gone up a level.”

“Great move for him . Definitely his level at mid table championship clubs”

“Never good enough.
750k is top business.”

“Good riddance to him imo. Never good enough even when we were rubbish. Nowhere near good enough now.”

“They’re rapidly taking on the look of a wolves B team.”

“Take the money and run. Not nearly good enough for where we want to be.
In fact not nearly good enough for where we were! League 1 is his level.”

“ He’s a legend in his own lunchtime. He passes the ball out to an advertising hoarding and then preens his hair like a schoolgirl with a crush when other players are looking at him puzzled at his decision. Sheffield United is a good move for him; I don’t see him as a regular Championship level player. “

“Shows the level Blades are at when they’re buying our what, sixth choice centre mid? Behind Neves, Saiss, N’Diaye, MGW and Price (who’s now off too).
He looks a fancy player at times but not quite there. Top end of League One where he is now is probs about right.
Good luck to him but we have certainly moved on from the likes of Evans. “

“They’re building
It would be equivalent of us buying off Newcastle when we were in the champ “


Wigan Fans

“Been a great player for us.”

“Good luck to him. He’s been decent for us.
This is a step up for him and I wish him well.”

“This is a reality check on what we are now, this would have been a good investment as I an sure that his value would only have increased as he developed. Crying shame and one decision I hope we don’t regret in the future. The championship will be hard 4 us.”

“Evans will be a big miss. “

“Has been one of our best players this season, set up so many goals with set pieces. Did not know how bad the finances were if we no longer afford even 750k. Especially as he’s still only young, will be worth a lot more than that in a few years. “

“Very good player . Daft sending off disrupted his season a bit but he has made a positive contribution. Good luck to him .”

“Thought he been excellent for us shame he’s going “

“Gutted to see Evans go, and very surprised we didn’t sign him permanently especially for £750k”

“Losing him will be a blow, for sure”

“I can’t believe we’ve let him go our best midfielder since Jordi Gomez!”

“Evans been as good as Morsy this season for me. Range of passing and set piece delivery will be missed. If the clause to buy him in his loan was true, then we’ve made the wrong decision not activating”

“Evans has been our anchor all year and been solid. Hes ridiculous and will be a massive loss”

“Lee Evans is the reason we’re on this run at the moment, was no surprise performances dropped after Scunthorpe away when banned. He’s a class above any midfielder we have bar morsy”

“Had some great games this season but had some stinkers as well. Sad to see him go but expected him to drop to the bench when MacDonald was back fit anyway. “

“He’s been good this season but he’s not worth £750k and we can’t buy what we can’t afford anyway.
In my opinion he’s in that no man’s zone with the likes of Jacobs, too good for this league but not quite up to Championship standard.”

“Decent player but a bit inconsistent, can either ping some great passes all game or every single pass hit an advertising hoarding, free kicks again are either brilliant or woeful and he can’t take corners. 750k not worth it. If he was consistently good like Morsy then maybe more so. “

“No big loss Would sooner have max power anyway and we’ve got Shaun macdonald back which is like a new signing and won’t cost us 750k”

“is Evans capable for Cham? I not sure. By the time in summer if we promoted to champ, the take over should be done, where we can spend more money on better player at that position. So no big loss for me as well”

“Shame losing Evans, but nothing to lose any sleep over. He’s a good ‘un, but personally think Power is an all round better player”

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