Man Utd Fans

“I thought that Januzaj and Wilson were nailed on to become the future of the club,but unfortunately I was completely off the mark.”

“thought he’ll be a great youth prospect when he emerged on the scene in that Hull game under Giggs, but after that, meh..”

“James Wilson could do with regular football at a higher level than the u23’s”

“He’s not even training once in a while with the first team”

“Is James Wilson still alive?”

“Two Strikers out injured and James Wilson still can’t get a sniff at the squad despite his goals for the U 23 . Looks like his United career over which is a shame”

“The word “Potential” sums him up”

“ I’d love to see Wilson given another chance. Most unlikely though.”

“Want to see James Wilson be given another chance”

“Mourinho should just try playing James Wilson upfront in the next games Because just can’t see where the goals are going to come from with these attackers and with no ibra and lukaku”

“Very fast and a great finisher you don’t knw myb he cn be our Harry Kane ,but mou is trying to sign a finished Lucas moura”

“Get fucking James Wilson and his fucked knee in the squad”

“James Wilson is a better finisher than Rashford”

Brighton Fans

“James Wilson in our team now would rip teams apart”

“there is something there”

“there’s a good player in there just needs a good run of games uninterrupted by injury.”

“Lack lustre, weak, uninterested, Unpassionate but huge potential”

“had his moments but can be extremely lazy. Only good when he can be bothered to be”

“Good to start with, then had some kind of virus and either never recovered or he’s just very physically weak. Decent finisher tho”

“Knows where the goal is for sure, looks lazy most of time though – also occasionally throws up on the pitch!”

“lazy majority of the time, average player but can finish”

“He’s alright. alright. Had a lot of illness when he was here. Don’t think he’s any clubs season changer or promotion key though”

“don’t think we saw him at his best. But maybe we actually did?”

“The bloke was useless”

“Such an average, overhyped player”

“I didn’t think he was good for us at all”

“he’s lazy and lacklustre and very weak”

“will never make a championship striker, weak, lazy and disinterested.”

“didn’t look interested at all”

“Not sure if he was unfit or just didn’t give a fuck”

“What a disappointment he was”

“James Wilson is fucking terrible.”

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