“Well, we have underachieved (again) so can’t really blame him. He was obviously told we were going to be challenging for top 2 and we’re currently struggling to finish 6th.
Typical Charlton – mid table beckons”

“One of the few players in recent years I’ve really taken to.
When (seems pointless bothering with the ‘if’) he goes that will be a resounding admission that the season is over.
Ricky will always get a loud cheer and clap from me if and when he returns as a member of the opposition.”

“He’s been by far an away a great player for us, not only his goals and skill but he puts a shift in.”

“3 opposition players on him every game as he is the only threat currently”

“Thanks for the memories Ricky, you Duracell Battery Boy you, scored some cracking worldies the last for me away at Oldham this season and the hat trick at Shrewsbury last. The clock is ticking down on your career and with injuries, a dip in form and fresh challenges needed I understand your desire to move away from this basket case of a club. Good luck for the future.”

“A hand in 13 goals out of the 33 so far. Scored six and seven assists”

“Its been a stop start season for Ricky and the rest of the team yet again because of the lack of depth we have in the squad. One minute he is playing with decent players the next shit players, or unfit players.
I love on here whenever we are about to sell one of our better players they are now shit or they were never committed.”

“Our most effective player by a country mile”

“Only decent player at the club. Country mile above the rest and would hack it in the Championship when not surrounded by dross.”

“that’s confirmation for me we’ve given up on realistically aiming for top six. He may have been below his best the past couple of months but he’s the one attacking player we have who can beat a man and create something”

“bye bye Ricky = bye bye faint play off hopes”

“He was sensational last season and early this season. He is obviously good enough for the Championship.”

“Only decent footballer we have in a different class to Fosu, Foster-Caskey and the rest. If he does go that will be the end of this season. His form is being dragged down by playing with some who don’t put in the shift he puts in.”

“He may have been off-form and is clearly suffering from sides doubling up on him with no other attacking threat currently but I didn’t see any lack of effort in the Posh game (last one I attended). He destroyed their right-back in the first-half and created several good chances which Magennis, Marshall, Best flunked then his refusal to give up in the last ten minutes got us that unlikely point”

“If Ricky goes and no replacement comes in then I expect Gobbinson to walk.”

“Easily one of our best players, but he has been toilet this season. Can’t blame him for wanting out, we sold him the promotion dream, which isn’t happening and he’s got limited miles on his clock to play Championship football.”

“start of the season he was playing very well and scoring, personally i don’t think he’s 100% fit, but he never hides and in my opinion is our hardest working player.”

“Holmes was good at the start of the season before he had a suspected broken foot which turned out to be severe bruising. He’s not played well since.”

“Maybe it might be a blessing in disguise if Ricky goes. If I am trying to spin a positive from this situation at least our football and attacking build up play wont be so obvious.”

“In a footballing sense there is no positive from Ricky Holmes going.”

“I like Ricky but he has been rancid this season, heart clearly isnt in it. Think he will be found out pretty quickly in the Champ.”

“Against flawed League 1 defenders Holmes can frighten them and earn chances by running at them, but he doesn’t bring others into the game enough to be effective at a higher level, (just my opinion). Week in week out I feel like I watch Holmes get gradually sussed out, as good as he is for us.
He can dribble, cross and shoot – which is more than most League 1 wingers… but in other circumstances getting a decent fee for him at 30 years old wouldn’t be awful.”

“He was scoring goals at the start of the season, but they have dried up and he looks an average League 1 player when the screamers aren’t going in. He’s a good runner with the ball, shoots well, and works hard for a winger – I don’t really buy into the idea he’s looked disinterested.
Probably suffering a bit from all the chopping and changing, stopping and starting going on with our season, but he’s not an especially creative player, has a tendency to try to do it on his own too much, and there is no denying he has not played particularly well for a few months now. I don’t, personally, think he will pull up any trees at Championship level, but you cant blame him for wanting to try at this stage of his career.”

“Ricky has had the benefit of scoring some headline goals; ‘Worldies’. Now there’s a fair amount of luck in smashing those in from 35 yards as any footballer will admit. Take away those goals and what have you got? Yes, he can get his head down and bomb down the wing, and cross the ball. And he does give 100%. In fact he can shoot given the chance.
But to me he’s a little bit of a one trick pony. Do you ever see him put his foot on the ball, look up and play a killer pass? Not often. He hardly ever even dummies a cross so he can cut back inside. He’s just a bit predictable, and the opposition has sussed him out, which has affected both Ricky and the side’s fortunes.
Yes, he’s one of our better players, but let’s not kid ourselves that he’s a premier league player, or even close to one. He probably deserves a chance to show what he can do in the Cchampionship, and if he makes it, with or without us, good luck to him.”

“his form has fallen off drastically in the last couple months. He hasn’t scored in 10 weeks, since AFCW on 28/10 (correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think he has), and he hasn’t scored from open play since Walsall in late September (I think, I’m pretty sure, correct either of those if needed).
He’s not exactly a passive observer in all of this. Yes injuries around him and the lack of another striker has almost certainly influenced his performances, but they haven’t been as good in recent weeks.
That said, I can understand him wanting to go. He’s ~30, and this is almost certainly his last big shot at a big pay day and maybe his last chance not only to play in the Championship, but maybe, if things keep going the way they’ve been going, a genuine shot at the Premier League so late in his career.”

“Holmes has been off form since October & hasn’t scored for months & his set pieces have been rubbish.
Sometimes I do wonder if players do this on purpose. He got anew contract in the summer so made some ££££ & then 3 months latter puts in sub-standard performances. The team then suffers, form dips & then he goes to the manager saying that the promotion push has stalled & wants to leave. Player benefits all round.
Not saying that I want him to leave as he is probably the most exciting player we have (Mavididi & Da Silva are up there but they are both loanees) and without him any attacking threat has gone.”

“he has underperformed,
I am not saying he should be winning games on his own, but it is not the same Ricky Holmes from last season”

“Slightly surprised Sheff Utd have come back for him. To me he’s lower Championship at best, his crossing, corners and indirect free kicks aren’t very good.”

“I’ll miss his amazing corner repartee.”

“Good riddance to him . He’s been making it clear for a long time that he wants to play in The Championship without actually showing he’s Championship class .
You can count on one hand the good games he has played this season
Enjoy getting splinters on Sheffield United’s bench.”

“He’s shit anyway/he has a negative influence in the dressing room/he sells crack to the youth teams
Take your pick of the above when he fucks off to help convince yourself this ship isn’t sinking.”

“The way players become “shit” at the first news of a transfer baffles me.”

By Roy

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