“James Hanson will take some time to get up to speed but I thought he did okay in winning balls and leading the line”

“it’s only one game but Hanson looked no different from Smith.”

“Hanson looks unfit also but then it is no surprise as he is short of minutes on the pitch”

“Hanson is unfit”

“Can’t honestly see what Hanson brings us, just a poor man’s Tom Pope in my opinion, would have been better to keep Smith, at least he was more mobile”

“an immobile lump.”

“Hanson is like a lump of lard”

“Hanson although i always thought a handful when playing for Bradford looks fat and awkward for us . Absolutely zero threat in the air and woeful at his feet”

“Hanson could be a useful signing as/when we drop into Lge 2, but he needs people to play to his type of game (badly phrased but I hope you know what i mean!).”

“Hanson played only once for Sheffield United before he came to us. His fitness reflects his injury problems. He tries hard but he gets no support.”

By Roy

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