“Incompetent management earlier in the season has put Hanson in the firing line before he is fully fit.”

“Hanson and Miller up front last night looked nowhere near as good as they did against Bradford and left me rather underwhelmed”

“He would be better employed as a substitute”

“I think I’d have given Hanson the hook as soon as it became obvious that he was out of the depth of a lower League pub team”

“I really can’t get how such a big bloke can’t compensate for his lack of skill on the ground by being at least a bit of a threat in the air. When he does time a header successfully, which is rare, he is generally beaten by the defender. When he does win the header the ball simply bounces off his bonce. He is one of the worst “strikers” I’ve ever seen in a Bury shirt”

“Hanson is ineffective because our wingers never beat a full back and get crosses in from the byline. He only receives straight balls with his back to goal”

“Hanson puts himself about and works hard. I get the concerns about his lack of goals and can’t see him getting any for us from now until the end of the season – but he does try”

“I can confidently state that Hanson will never score for us.”

“He is just awful”

“Please just forget about him”

By Roy

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