“Lavery looks very good at free kicks in training don’t know why we don’t give him a start now cause we have got play offs and if we get a free kick he could take them”

“Lavery is better than Ball pass it on”

“He’s similar to Ball but a bit younger. Difficult to judge what Ball would have done though, if he had not been injured/ ill early season. Ball scored 14 goals for Fleetwood in 2016/7 in League 1. Would he have managed the same or better for the Millers if he had been fully fit? Just about impossible to tell which is the better of the two. Possibly worth keeping Lavery if some of the other forwards go, but it’s not a clear cut decision.”

“Very very ordinary. There’s got to be better around. Not remotely good enough for the Championship and it may be the fact that we don’t have a decent finisher at the club that just scuppers our promotion bid. ”

“works hard and hassles defenders but something seems to be lacking. Maybe he’s not fully fit.
At the moment I’d say let him go if we get promoted but try to keep him if we don’t. ”
“From what I have seen of Lavery I think he is more effective than Ball at giving defenders something to think about. He runs at them and the goalie and seems a bit more aggressive than Ball.
I would like to see us sign Lavery but if I’m honest I don’t see any of our current strikers having a big impact at Championship level.”

“Really think there’s a player there, quick and strong and decent in the air for his size. Imo I think Warne wants a full pre season to get him fully fit. I think he will be a handful next year. ”

“To me Ball is better than Lavery, when fully fit he has the experience to open a defence with his skill, I agree  regarding Yates that he should be released.
So that leaves a option to keep Lavery, if the Blades don’t want him.
Not forgetting their will be a lot of players looking for clubs in the summer. ”

“I doubt if he’ll leave the Blades.”

“I don’t see him getting in their side but if one of their strikers get an injury then Lavery may be needed but then again he might be transferred listed.”

“a total handful for any defender. He’s strong, will attack with one aim and that is to score. he was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet against Blackpool.I find him a player that is very useful and even if initially used as a last 20 minute player, then he is a great foil to have on the bench. As his match fitness improves who knows what role he could bring to our forward line.
If I was Warne, and as mentioned earlier in a post, I’d be looking to let Yates go and bring in Lavery as he is by far the stronger and better player. We will have to wait and see. “

By Roy

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